Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Published Authors

Anything that William Cook writes is always a joy for me to read! This book is an eye opener for me and will be for you as well.

I guess I never really though about all the things that went into writing, editing and publishing a book. That being said I now cherish my books that much more. This is a must read for anyone that loves to read or has ever thought for one second about writing a book. It will amaze you and make you proud that you own dead trees with words placed so carefully on them by some of the most amazing minds I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. This is the complete package with great authors that have told some of their secrets to making their books great and ones we love.

I knew that writing was a process but the amount of time it takes and the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making a book was something I knew little about. I’m sure that I still only know part of the process but I’m glad to know what little I do now.

This book is a must read for all book lovers! I can’t say thank you enough William Cook! You sir are awesome! 💗

Thank you is never enough to say for the many hours of enjoyment I receive from reading but THANK YOU

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