Project Apex by Michael Bray

It is no secret that I love a good Bray book. What am I saying, they are all good. Project Apex is no different other than it is really really good and one of my favorites by him to date.

The book starts out with a scientist going out in the wild jungle looking for a tribe of people that show no pain and can heal quickly. he tries to find out what makes them that way and he discovers the monkeys that have the yellow stripe. They capture one and take it home. We all know that this never turns out well. We then go to an army base. We are introduced to a basketball game where the game turns into a scuffle and then a total blood bath as the monkey genes have been put into humans. It makes them super strong, smart and almost invincible.

Now the real adventure begins as the first human injected has gone missing and is suspected to have gone rogue. There are many problems with this as how to stop them. A team is dispatched and the action never stops from there.

This book is full of twist and turns that i never saw coming. It is a true page turner and one that i would recommend to anyone. To say well done Michael Bray is putting it lightly.

This book is available on

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