Infinity: Ledgen, Love, Honor by IJ Smith

As a child my dad read to me every night before bed. Just a few chapters or if I could get away with it as many as possible. He read many books to me and made me love to read but my favorites were The Lord Of The Rings and The Sword Of Shannara. This book would have been another of my favorites.

This might be in the young adult collection but do not let that make you not want to read it. I promise you will not be sorry. Yes it is a family friendly book and one I would read to my kids if I had any. It is a keeper and I had to contact the author and find out that there would be more in this series. I was relieved that yes, there were two other books in the works.

The book has lots of adventures, love, twists and turns. The characters are amazing and you feel right there in the middle of the story. It will totally ensnare you and keep ahold of you.

I am always afraid that I will give away to much of a book that I am excited about but I don’t think that is possible with this one unless I just read it to you.

There is a baby that has been born to a mortal mother but Immortal father. Someone is trying to kill him. He must be saved the safety of all depends on it happening. A guardian is appointed for the child and the story takes off from there. There are Immortals, werewolves, witches and the dark sect all in play with only one winner. You will never see the twists and turns that come in this story. You will be mad and then sad at times but will cheer for the good guys.

I had the honor or reading the second book before it was released and it is just as good as the first one. absolutely recommend this series and author.

keep them coming IJ !!!

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