Zombie Theorem by James Wallace

Wow! If you love zombie books then do I have one for you! This is the first book by James Wallace I have read and it won’t be the last!!!

Most zombie book follow the same theme. The dead have arisen and are attacking the living and they must be killed. This book it told from a different point of view and it makes it refreshing and very engrossing.

It starts as Dan the main character is on his way to work and he notices that the bus is strangely empty as are the streets. He lives in Los Angeles so this is strange but he chalks it up to it being early and that the commuters have just not gotten up and out quite yet. He arrives to work in a big office building. He is a member of the management team and the security staff are huddled around a monitor. They buzz him inside and he goes upstairs. When he arrives he notices that the office on his floor is kinda quiet and deserted. He goes into his office and makes a pot of coffee from his personal stash. One of his favorite things. While he is waiting for it to brew he goes out into the office and notices that several people that are there are either on the phone or watching something on their phones. He questions another assistant manager about what is going on and is told that there has been a horrible outbreak of a strange sickness that appears to have been brought over from overseas and that people are dying. He calls a staff meeting and informs everyone that if they want to go home they can and it won’t be held against them. Several people leave. A little while later he goes to the bathroom and finds one of the employees in the bathroom on the toilet and unresponsive. This man has just come back from the place that the disease has started from. He goes and gets another employee and they check on him. He is dead so they decide to put him in the janitors closet. After they do this another staff meeting it called and things go from bad to worse. Now you know I’m not telling you anymore of what goes on because that would just ruin the story.

James has been blessed with great story telling ability and this is a book you don’t want to miss!

Thank you James for writing this amazing story and I can not wait to read the next one in the series!

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