Coma Hell by Kevin Wimer

A rich kid, money, bad behavior and death. What more could you want?

A terrific story from start to finish. The main character Jack is a rich, good looking bad boy in every sense of the word. He has been taught from an early age that money can solve all his problems. The one thing in his life that he really cares about is lost to him and it makes his heart turn black as coal. Smart and good looking he is use to getting everything and every woman he wants which causes him a world of grief. He has a girlfriend and several others on the side. He also has a run in with the law but daddy gets him out of trouble.

Jack goes in for routine sinus surgery and it turns into a total nightmare. He wakes up in recovery only to figure out he is in a coma. He is put through nightmare after nightmare, pain and suffering by someone he wronged. This is all leading to him having to make a tough choice which he struggles with, a power play between good and evil if you will. A decision is reached and all the cards are on the table. Does he choose good or evil? I will never tell! Read the book and find out!

Kevin has a great book and I look forward to reading more of his work. There are a few places that the editor missed but don’t let it make you not want to read this amazing book you won’t be sorry! Kevin’s book is available on Amazon.

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