Roomkillers by Evan Marquisee

Fast paced, lots of action, blood, guts and gore.

Jason Shaw is a normal man working a normal job in a not so normal world. The year is 2055 and everything has changed. There are to many people and not enough food, the towns have been over taken by gangs and the government doesn’t care. Only the rich and privileged have rights. Jason wants to be rich or at least be able to buy the cheese steak sandwich at the corner deli. He works hard and can’t get ahead and this angers him.

The government has created a new show call Roomkillers They take one killer and lock them into a room with 10-12 unknowing people. The killer has 45 minutes to kill everyone in the room. If they do they receive a huge payout. In other words murder on live television and it’s legal. This can only lead to trouble. For one reporter it most definitely will.

Jason dreams of being rich. When a friend tells him about try outs for the show he decides to go. Will he make the cut or end up on the floor? Does the inner demon appear? Read it and find out.

i won’t lie this is a good book and I was not happy when I flipped the page and it said the end! I know that Evan has more books in this series coming. I for one can’t wait!

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