Bound by Andrew Lennon and Matt Hickman

Wow! This is a real page turner!

If you haven’t gotten and read this book you are missing out on a truly great read! I will definitely read it again in the future!

The forward is written by Matt Hickman. He jokingly told me I bet it makes you wince! He was not joking! It made my butt pucker! 😊

It flows seamlessly from one author to the next as I could not tell who wrote what part! I can not say enough to read this book!

The story starts out with a young woman in a coffee shop waiting for a friend. Little does she know someone is watching and taking pictures. She is married but has no children and has been out shopping on the husbands credit card. She is waiting for her friend who is running late. Her friend arrives and they sit and talk. Meanwhile the shutter bug is taking pictures.

Then we flip into another scene of a young woman at a nightclub. She has decided to throw caution to the wind and is trying a new drug. She is drinking water to wash it down. She notices the lights and the glass floor above her. All the amplified sights and sounds as the drug streams through her system. She meets a man on the stairwell and begins kissing him it was immediate attraction.

Next we meet a young lady that works in a sex shop. She is a loner. The boss has placed a gimp mask (leather mask with a zipper for the mouth) in the case by the register. She hates it because it creeps her out. A handsome stranger with beautiful green eyes comes in and buys steel handcuffs. She is memorized.

Then we are thrust into an old abandoned factory. This is the killers domain. There is a murder taking place. I could tell you about it but you know I won’t. I will tell you it’s brutal and horrific not surprising from these two guys.

We then meet DCI Mark Gunn. He is a rough one to say the least. He is the lead detective on the case and has put together a crack team to help him solve and bring down the killer. There are a few names in this story that you will recognize. I always love it when people on my friends list are in the books I read. Seems to make it even more personal when I read the book.

Now I will not tell you much more or I will spoil the book! I will say that there are chills, thrills and a very bad call as to who is the killer.

I never saw the end of the book coming! I figured out who the killer was at the next to last page. That my friends is real talent as I usually can figure it out.

You do not want to miss reading this book! It is a home run! I mean out of the park home run. Congratulations Andrew and Matt! Please write more together!

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