Getting personal with Stuart Keane

I had the pleasure of talking with Stuart the other day. We talked for quite awhile. I always love getting to know my incredibly talented author friends.

The first question I asked him was how old were you when you wrote your first story? He said I was eleven, and the story was called Treehouse. It was about a boy who found solace in the titular den, a solace from the bullies and chaos of child life around him. I asked him if he ever published it and he told me he plans to in Whispers 4 which will make its debut in April 2017. It will be presented in an edited form, with the original notes.

I also asked him how many books he has written. He said he had eight books out on Amazon but plans to add five more soon. I for one can not wait!

Is there anything you refuse to write about? The answer did not surprise me at all. I shy away from animal abuse, but i believe nothing is taboo if done right and horror regularly pushes you towards those, so to refuse them would restrict your output. I don’t write about certain things, but I expect to be confronted by them eventually. Such is the nature of the beast. That being said I must tell you that Stuart has the most beautiful kitten named Vincent I have ever seen.

Tell me a little about yourself. I am 34 and married to my wonderful wife, Leisyen, she is my rock since i started writing. I couldn’t have done it without her. We don’t have children but Vincent is our Bengal kitten. I write full time now and have done so since July, Leisyen made that possible and my readers as well of course.

What is your favorite book you haven written so far? In terms of plot and character, I would say Grin. I enjoyed writing Dani, so much so i have three sequels planned for her, which will consume my writing into 2017.

The next question is always one of my favorites. Who or what inspired you to write? My earliest influence was Richard Laymon. I started reading him when I was seven and never looked back. As I grew older I discovered James Herbert, Shaun Huston, Stephen King and many more. To this day, those guys are the reason I am here. The reason I am writing.

What do you like to do for fun? To unwind, i read and watch film,s, which becomes research in its own way. I like to play video games and follow sports. I hang out with family as often as possible, and long walks are very therapeutic. Twelve hour says don’t leave much time for a lot, so i try to make the most of it, which means 5-6 hours of sleep average.

Do you have any traditions that you do when you finish a book? He laughed and said edit like crazy? No, I don’t have any but maybe i should look into that. I also asked him where he wrote and he sent me a picture of a very nice desk with an amazing print hanging above it done by Steve Crisp (Richard Laymons cover artist). I jokingly told him if it comes up missing I had no clue where it went. He also said that he had hired Steve Crisp to do the cover for his first novel All or Nothing.

My last question had several parts. What is your favorite thing about writing and music or quiet? My favorite thing is producing something for the readers to enjoy. Inventing worlds and characters that someone else will sit down and enjoy for hours. It is a unique feeling. Music can bother or assist it varies from book to book.

What is your dream job? My dream career was to become a writer and I am living it.

Stuart, thank you so much for taking time to talk to me. As always it is a pleasure speaking with you and getting to know you better. Your books are amazing and I wish you much, much success!

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