Side Effects by Jeff Menapace

Ok, so it is no real secret that I love Jeff’s books. In fact the first Indie/self published book I ever read was by him and I was hooked for life. I read every book of his I could get my hands on and loved them all. He is an incredibly talented author and really does his homework for his books with research and seeking out people in the right fields that know what the subject matter involves and I love that! That being said the newest book is amazing!

The book follows a serial killer who seems to be killing people at random. The detective on the case has tried to catch the killer but has not had any luck. His partner has been on leave due to the death of her husband. She has been in therapy and the doctor has prescribed a new trial medication. It seems to work well for her but the side effects of the medicine make her hyper sensitive and her senses super sonic. He has enlisted her help to solve the murders as a consultant.

By now you know I won’t tell you to much more for fear of spoiling the book. I will tell you that I was delighted with this one! I think it’s one of Jeff’s best ones and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of you seat. I highly recommend this book as well as anything else written by Jeff.

Thank you Jeff for hours of enjoyment and edge of my seat nail biting action.


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