Getting Personal with Toneye Blakk

I recently had the honor to meet Toneye and get to know him! He loves his hard metal and is a  proud father. He is a super guy and someone you don’t want to miss knowing. He loves his werewolves and has a beloved pack family. Please make welcome Toneye.


1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
Toneye: When eye was 6, eye wrote a story called Two Little Raindrops. It was about two little raindrops, of korpse, who fell from their cloud home one day and went on a big adventure to try and get back home. Eye made illustrations for it ‘n’ all haha. My teacher at the time made a big deal of it and my mum still remembers it. She always brings it up and tells me how brilliant it was, especially when eye decided to start writing more recently. About a year and a half ago, eye started to rewrite it. Eye remember the basic plotline and so yeah, Mr. Scary Horror Writer is writing a children’s book haha. So far, eye have one whole paragraph complete and already, it’s turning dark! Over the past 40 years, eye have seen too much horror, picked up too many big words and too many swear words. Eye need to find my inner 6 yr old to get this one completed haha.

2. How many books have you written?
Toneye: At this point, 3. Eye have a Werewolf/Clown Horror novella awaiting publication at J. Ellington Ashton Press. Then there’s The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series – The Scarlett Curse and Joshua’s Folly; My dark Fantasy/Horror series. Those two are published, also with JEA Press and eye am currently around 20k into book 3. Eye would have more out, but eye have this uncontrollable addiction to anthologies hahaha. It was my intention at the beginning of this year to steer clear of anthos and concentrate on getting book 3 finished… So far this year, eye have 7 anthologies eye am writing for now. Bloody hopeless cause 😀

3. Anything you won’t write about?
Toneye: Not a lot phases me, pretty much nothing shocks me. Eye love delving into some of the darkest regions of depravity, human and otherwise. Outside of my Dark Fantasy series, pretty much everything else eye write is drenched in gore and extreme subjects. Eye draw the line at child porn and glorified rape though. One of my stories – What’s In A Name, in JEA’s Rejected For Content 3 anthology, explores the topic of paedophilia, mainly from the viewpoint of a grieving father who has the filth who violated his son bound in his basement, and tortures the maggot to death. Eye hint at what was done to the child in that story, but leave out any details. Even that though, was really hard for me to write.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…
Toneye: Eye have done 601 laps around the Moon since entering this world 😉 Eye was married (eye think) to a psycho who ripped off my parents thousands of dollars and skipped the country back to her native Pittsburgh a few years back. May she rot slowly before choking to death on her tongue. Got married in Vegas and eye still don’t know to this day whether it was actually legit. Hope not haha. Anyway, she disappeared years ago so eye can’t find the slag to divorce it even if it was legit. Eye have one son who’s 21 now and a total guitar god 😉 \m/ Proud as all hells of who he is and what he’s achieved. Eye wouldn’t call it a job, but writing is all eye do these days. Eye do work for JEA as an editor and assistant to the CEO. Apart from that, eye have screamed bloody murder in extreme Metal bands for the last 16 years and played bass in a punk band. Once again, eye wouldn’t call them jobs either. My description of “job” is doing something that makes you money while at the same time makes you miserable 😉 All of the above definitely don’t fall into that category. Eye love what eye do.

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
Toneye: It’s difficult to really say. Joshua’s Folly, which is the 2nd book in the series, is a much better written and more in depth story, and eye wrote it in no time at all, but book 1, The Scarlett Curse is my baby. That one will always be special to me.

6. Who or what inspired you to write?
Toneye: Before eye began The Scarlett Curse, eye spent the last 25 years writing poetry in the form of Death Metal song lyrics. The Sacred Blade Of Profanity is inspired by a song of the same name, which eye wrote for one of my bands, Chaotic Impurity. It was a FB friend named Scarlett, who convinced me to write a book after reading some of my lyrics. She was my initial inspiration to venture into actual story writing, back in 2011 and with her permission, eye named the main character, Scarlett, after her.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
Toneye: All 3 of my bands are currently stagnating at the moment, which sux, because the most fun eye have is being on stage, entertaining and terrifying people, while letting my demons run amok hahaha. Chaotic Impurity is where ‘Eyenot’ comes out to play and there have been some pretty horrific incidents over the years while allowing my darkness to go unchecked. People in the audience have been hurt, my bandmates have been hurt, eye have been hurt. There has been lots of blood spilled at Chaotic Impurity “rituals” over the years haha. My idea of fun is a lot different to most, eye suppose. Since we haven’t been playing now for over a year, eye don’t really do fun. Except when my son’s band, Kvlts Of Vice play. That’s fun. Otherwise, eye just lock myself away in my lil’ den, write, read and hang out on FB.

8. And traditions you do when you finish a book?
Toneye: Nothing in particular. Maybe a little internal happy dance or something like that hahaha.

9. Where do you write? Quiet or music?
Toneye: In my favourite armchair in my loungeroom. Eye don’t watch TV so eye use my TV as a computer monitor to write. Eye do watch movies n stuff, but regular TV… nuh. Nothing but brain rot to be had there. Eye often write to a soundtrack, but sometimes, when the writing mood takes me, eye just start writing and don’t even think to play any music. When eye do though, it’s always something dark and heavy. Bathory is a favourite. Sometimes Sadistik Exekution, or my son’s bands if eye am feeling in a little more lighthearted mood, and sometimes even my own music when eye wanna tap into that more personal darkness.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?
Toneye: Not that eye can think of. Only to improve my skill and grow as a writer. Eye am interested in exploring different genres and stepping out of my comfort zone. If anything, that would be the change. Expanding and blending.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
Toneye: Writing is my passion. My dreams of making it in my music career were doomed from the start. For one, the kind of music eye play is extremely rare to ever be successful. Apart from that, the Australian music industry is a total bag of shit. There are hundreds of world class bands here in Australia, but nobody will ever hear of them because the industry here doesn’t give a shit about our homegrown talent. If you wanna make it as a muso, you’re better off moving to Europe or the US, so my dreams of success have now shifted over to my writing, but eye hold no illusions. Eye am good at what eye do, but when eye look around me, eye see so many authors who are absolutely incredible talents. Eye don’t read all the big names like King or Laymon. Eye am in love with what eye see right here in the world of indie writers. There is so much awesome work in this ever expanding circle, it’s impossible to keep up with it all. So, maybe someday in the hopefully near future, my name will rise up through the mass of brilliant authors who are my peers, and many of whom are my family. Even with so many around me, success as a writer seems a more attainable dream than as a muso. The one thing that stands out about the independent writing scene, is that apart from a few shitbag authors, 99% of everyone else are always happy and willing to support eachother. We all wanna be successful, but what sets us apart from others is that we also all wanna see eachother be successful as well. A lotta love for this scene.
12. Where do you live?
Toneye: In a little one bedroom house, tucked away from town, surrounded by trees and high up in the Blue Mountains in Australia.

13. Pets?
Toneye: Not at the moment, no. Where eye live doesn’t have adequate fencing. Most of you know, eye am a wolf at heart. Living here, where there are unfortunately no wolves, eye look to the closest eye can get to these magnificent creatures. Eye had a Husky for around 11 years before she died. Since then, eye had a Malamute briefly, and now eye will have to wait until eye get a place suitable enough to give a good home to another. Eye love Huskies and Malamutes and hope to find one soon in a rescue shelter.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
Toneye: Releasing my demons >;}~ That, and creating new worlds to explore, giving life to new characters and watching them grow as a story progresses.

Anything else you would like me to include please feel free to tell me!
Toneye: How about a sample of my current WIP; Book 3 in The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series. My favourite character in this series is 11 year old mute girl, Dera Harke. She is the bearer of ‘The Mirror’; crafted by sorcerers of the Harrilluin lineage to combat their rivals, the Kirlt’th lineage, who were responsible for creating The Sacred Blade Of Profanity. She’s my little warrior who goes through more hell than any of the other characters combined. Dera rokkks! After, eye will throw up a few links of where you can find me. Fangs to my wolfsister, Becky for having me here to share with you all. Hails n Howls to the wolfpack! (You all know who you are) 😉 Aaaarrrroooooooooooooooo!!!

Excerpt-The Sacred Blade Of Profanity-Book 3
Dera still sat by her mother’s grave, The Mirror placed on the ground between her feet. She rested her chin on her knees and gazed absently into the glass. All the many years that Dera had spent, playing with her friends unseen, visiting wonderful realms and bending reality to her intent, began to elucidate for the child. These weren’t mere games. These were lessons in Power. When the time had come – Dera’s moment of reckoning – everything she had learnt went straight out the window. The Sacred Blade Of Profanity had been too powerful in its imposition on the child. Dera had been reduced to not much more than a frightened little girl. She hadn’t thought once to use The Mirror, nor any of her learned skills, to direct events to a more fortunate outcome. The vile Blade Of Power had taken hold of Dera, but it wasn’t able to retain its command. The Mirror had protected her. She didn’t have it with her when she’d collided with Scarlett in the dark, nor when The Blade made its way into her hand and then into the flesh of her dear mother. Dera turned her head at this realisation, and let her gaze fall to Phenoluh’s makeshift burial plot.
The little girl’s vision degraded into a glistening blur, as her eyes filled with tears. Only hours before, Phenoluh was nothing more than a fading memory to the girl… a passing stranger. Dera was now re-living the events in her mind, all the way back from the Mills Wall marketplace to the present moment. Everything that had happened, everything she had done, presented Dera with a clear, unblemished view of the reality that she had effectively eluded up to this point. The Prii remained in shadow. It was crucial that Dera faced this trial alone. In a most cruel and unfortunate way, this was Dera Harke’s coming of age.
The Prii watched intently from the shadows of Dera’s mind. This was to be a pivotal moment in the child’s development. She was either going to break, or find her resolve, and all they were consented to do in this instance was observe. Dera was now completely alone. A reality which, as it dawned on her for the first time in its entirety, pushed the young girl into an abyss of overwhelming isolation. She wondered anxiously where The Prii were, and why they weren’t there to reassure her, as they normally would be when she needed them most. Had it not been for the unwavering discipline of The Prii, they surely would have shirked their responsibility as teacher, and given Dera the companionship her soul so desperately cried out for. Their collective heart ached for their dear friend, but to interfere now would only jeopardise their young apprentice and leave her ill equipped for what lay ahead. She picked up The Mirror and searched the depths of the enchanted glass for her friends, but they remained unseen. Instead, images began to swirl into formation within Dera’s awareness. The images transposed onto the surface of The Mirror, pulling Dera into a vacuous expanse of uncharted mind. The Prii silently applauded this feat, watching the child in earnest as she abandoned her earthly woes, and set about exploring this new realm that existed within her psyche.

Thank you Toneye for taking your time to let us get to know you! If you haven’t read anything by Toneye you can find him on Amazon. You can also connect with him at the following links. Aaaaarrrrrrrooooo! My wolfbrother!
Here’s where you can find me easiest in order from top to bottom:
Facebook: :
Twitter: @ToneyeEyenot

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