Franken Bitch by Jimmy Pudge

Jimmy Pudge is a new author for me and friend. He has a wicked sense of humor that I absolutely love. He has a way with words that will leave you wondering what the heck did I just read and you will love it completely!

The story follows two cousins. Neither one popular with the ladies. Jeremiah starts the story out on a date with a girl he met online. They are at a diner having supper. The conversation is very one sided with Jeremiah telling her about what he does for a living. He is a taxidermist. He doesn’t stuff animals he mounts them. He explains the process to her and she proceeds to get drunk. She leaves to go to the bathroom and doesn’t come back. He waits for an hour then the waiter tells him she has gone. This sets off a blind rage. He leaves the restaurant and sees her walking down the street. He pulls ahead and parks the car and waits for her to walk by him. Now what happens next?  Well by now you know that I’m not telling you!! Read the book…..

The next part of the story flips to the weird creepy cousin that calls himself Johnny Angel and drives a hearse. He meets a young girl at a local hang out and takes her on a ride that she barely escapes from. Come to find out he is in love with her and has been watching her for a long, long time. This is where this part of the story gets interesting!

Then we find the two cousins on a quest. What they are looking for must be perfect. What happens next will make your head swim. The unbreakable bond of family is tested to its limits and then stretched further.

The story also involves a determined detective hell bent on solving murders that have happened in his small town. Does he figure it out? Does he live? Read the book!

There are plenty of twists and turns in this book that you will never see coming! Things that will make you say eeeewwwww! You will get mad and sad but most of all you will love reading this book!

All in all this is a good book! One you don’t want to miss! Do yourself a favor and get it today!

Thanks Jimmy for the great book! Don’t ever stop writing!

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