Amnesia by Matt Hickman

This is the second novel that Matt Hickman has written. Let me assure you that you want to drop everything else and go get this book immediately. It blew me away! It is one of the best books I have read in a long time! The movie played in my head, the characters were so full and real, the story line was amazing and the twist at the end….well yes it is all one super package ties up with a very nice bow from Mr. Hickman.

Needless to say I won’t be telling you to very much about this book because if I spoil it for you then you will be after me to shoot, maim or kill and I sit don’t want that. So here is what I will tell you about it.

There are six people who have been selected for a medical trial of a new cancer treating drug. They are being held in a top-secret facility with state of the art equipment. There is to be no outside interference and they will not have access to the outside world. The Dr conducting this experiment is in a control room watching everything that goes on and monitors the  patients. He has a security man there that also helps make sure that things are running smoothly.

The patients are to be there for five days and will be paid £5000.00 each for their time. They have to undergo a small physical and take the drug. Easy enough? Well…this is where the problem starts. They are picked up by the security guy and taken to have the physical. The doctor sees them one at a time talked to them and transfers the money. They are then given a blood test and physical.

Next thing they know they are waking up in a room with five other people. Some of them remember who they are some do not. Confusion, chaos and bedlam ensue.

Now we all know this is where I say I will not tell you any more of the story. This is true. I will again tell you that you will never see the twists coming in this book and you do NOT want to miss it. Do yourself a favor and get it now.

Matt Hickman once again you have proven yourself to be an amazing author! Congratulations my friend on a job very well done!

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