Flies by Andrew Lennon

If you are looking for a really good short story then this is the one for you. This story follows a man who is privileged and spoiled. He really isn’t very good at anything but spending money and drinking. The story opens with him going to work one morning and walking into the building. He makes his way towards his office with his poor secretary in tow. She has no love for the man at all and thinks he is quite the waste of space. He feels something on his face and reaches up, it is a fly. He swats it away and opens the door to his office. To his horror it is infested with flies and he orders her to go in and fumigate.

Later in the story we find our guy at a bar drinking and trying to pick up a girl who works there.  There have been several more times that he has found a fly on him or flying in his face. He can’t seem to get rid of them or figure out where they are coming from. He can hear them but can’t seem to see them and neither can anyone else.

Now at this point you know I will not tell you much else other than to say you want to read this story. It is gruesome and bloody with some wickedness all rolled into one tight ball. Andrew really did an amazing job with this I’m really glad I had the opportunity to read it for an honest review.

There is another thing I really loved about this book. It never ceases to amaze me the brotherhood and love these guys show for each other. They support and encourage one another and it makes me proud to know them. That being said they have come together and have included several other short stories in a bonus section at the end of Andrews story.  You will want to read them as well. It all makes into a very nicely done book.

Andrew Lennon is very talented and has a terrific way of spinning a story. Don’t miss this one!!!

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