A Long December by Richard Chizmar

I have had the opportunity to read and give an honest review. As you all know by now I will always tell it like I see it when it comes to books and reading. So here is my honest review!



To say that Richard Chizmar’s writing is one of the best in this business is putting it mildly. His writing will make you run the entire gamut of emotions. From fear, to despair to joy and every one in between. There is a story that every one will identify with in this book. Some of these stories you will never forget. Some of them I would love to see him take and make into novels. Hint hint!

His writing draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You can see this happening down your street or to the people next door or even in your own homes. They are real, breathtaking and horrifying. He definitely knows what he is doing and proves it over and over again with this book.

There are 36 stories in the book. Not a bad one in the bunch but that won’t surprise anyone that has ever read anything Mr. Chizmar has written. I will admit that I have a favorite story. It’s called The Lake Is Life. This story begins with a family in crisis. A mother, father and daughter. The parents are having marital issues. They separate and the young daughter has a small break down. Her mother takes her to spend the summer with her grandmother who lives in a lake house. She meets a handsome boy who drives a small motor boat. He invites her to a party. Shortly after all hell breaks loose. I never saw the ending coming. I was shocked. It was amazing. Don’t miss understand every story in this book is incredible this was just my favorite.

The other one that I loved was After The Bombs. It follows two young men in war. They have been through so much. Loss, death and misery. They encourage each other and one convinces the other to write in his journal about what he sees and feels. He fills several notebooks full and his friend reads the stories to the other men at night. It is a heartfelt story and one that really spoke to my heart. I have lots of friends and family that have served in the military. This just speaks to the amazing range of Richard Chizmar’s ability to write in all types of stories.

This book is available on Amazon in both a beautiful hardcover and as a kindle edition. This will be a cherished addition for any collector or reader. Definitely one you don’t want to miss. You can also read a few of the stories on the Amazon link below for a sneak peek. I promise if you do you will buy a copy for yourself.


You can order the book here:



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