Getting personal with Joey Dursky

Joey Dursky is not only a writer but also an amazing singer and guitar player. You can check out his music on YouTube. He has an amazing sense of humor and loves to go to conventions and wear the T-Rex outfit making the kids and adults laugh while selling books with his buddy Mike Evans. He has two beautiful dogs that he loves and spoils rotten. He is a true creative to his core and is passionate about everything he does. If you haven’t read his books please take the time to check them out. If you haven’t met Joey yet send him a friend request you won’t be sorry you did. Please welcome Joey Dursky to Roadie Notes….


Do you do anything specific to try to differentiate yourself from other authors?
I am currently halfway through an interactive fiction series, Fallen. Inspired by “choose your own adventure” or “which way” books. The series is written from the first person point of view so the reader is the main character. I would describe it as a first person shooter in a role playing game. After the first book in the series readers are left with a choice, Love or Power. This is where readers begin making the series their own. After the choice is made, readers can continue on with the story or read the other path to see how the choice would have been different. When the series is done there will be ten books with four sets of choices to really make the experience personalized. I don’t want to force readers to just follow the story, so I put some major decisions in their hands.


The first choice is emotional. The second choice is where readers choose to survive the post-apocalyptic world. The final choice, depending on the previous choice, allows the reader to side with a group that needs your help. Certain ones can only be accessed due to your previous choice. I have done my best to balance everything. There is no right or wrong choice.

1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
My friends and I were really into writing our own comic books in 6th grade. We wrote a lot of anti-hero type stuff. We enjoyed super heroes but wanted them to be more realistic and violent. I have always enjoyed the opportunity to let my mind wander and try to create a cool story in school, so it all started very early.

2. How many books have you written?
I have written five books so far, all in the Fallen series, and it will be ten when it is done. As well as at least one character origin story as a spin-off. His name is Al, you meet him in Quest.

3. Anything you won’t write about?
No, I would like to try my hand at everything. Just because I think I should write something I enjoy, doesn’t mean I couldn’t be better at something else. You never know until you try.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…
I am 34, single, no kids, two dogs (Akita) named Spyder and Gnarly, and a chameleon named Rango. Writing is not my only job though I wish it were! By day I am a supervisor in the executive office at a major bank. By night I am an author, musician, painter, artist, inventor, and anything else creative I can get my hands on.

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
I have only put real effort into the series I am writing now, Fallen. Trying to pick one is impossible. The series is interactive fiction so each book in the series is a different type of experience for the reader. But I will admit, the further I get in the series, the more I like the most recent book I publish.

6. Who or what inspired you to write?
I usually have very vivid dreams, but I had one that I could not forget about. I was discussing it with a friend of mine at work who is a published author (Brian Darr, author of Tontine and The Troll) and he encouraged me to write it down. I created a back story, added some characters, and now that I am in the process of publishing my 5th book, the “dream” I had, has finally becomes part of the story.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
Music is a huge passion of mine. I have played guitar for over 20 years, and performed solo acoustic shows for the last three years or so, and now I am in the process of starting a band. I am the lead singer and rhythm guitar player in the band. Outside of that, I love sports, movies, a few video games, bonfires, boating, camping, and motorcycles.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?
With my series being interactive fiction, the only “tradition” I have is to lay all of the books out and take a picture of them. The reader gets choices in the series, but it’s not like “which way” books where you have to flip pages back and forth based on your decision. The decisions are at the very end of the book, and then you choose the next book to read. By laying them out and taking a picture, the readers have a more clear idea of where the book fits exactly in the series.

9. Where do you write? Quite or music?
I have a little nook in my living room that is only used to write. As for quiet or music? Neither, I must have Ancient Aliens, the Cosmos, or How the Universe Works on TV in the background. Something about the voices of the narrators on the History Channel seems to keep me focused.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?
Yes, I wish I were better! Haha, there is always more room for improvement. I feel I get better with every book I write, but when I read some of my favorite authors I am in awe with how good they are! I may not have the best grammar or punctuation, (that’s what editors are for) but when someone tells me they laughed out loud while reading dialogue, cried when someone dies, or feels fear while walking through a dark room, I feel like I have accomplished something great!

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
Not necessarily the fame, but I’d take the fortune for sure! I don’t want to be so famous I can’t go to the store without being bothered, but I would love to make enough money to write and play music full-time.

12. Where do you live?
I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I just moved here in June of 2016 to have a shorter commute to work. Before that I lived in Knoxville, Iowa, where Fallen is based.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
I love that I can take anything that is bothering me in my personal life, I can vent about in my writing. When it is under the cover of a character, no one knows that it is really me who is going through it. It’s a perfect way to get others opinions without being judged personally.

I also just love the freedom that comes with writing. You can write about anything. It’s a chance to think outside the box. How many times have you watched a movie or read a book and thought, “well I would have done something cooler there?” Now I can.

15. What is coming next for you?
I will continue with my series. At the end of the first book and the 5th book the readers get another choice. Now that the 5th book is finished I am writing two more to publish early next year.

You can connect with Joey Dursky here:
As always, thank you for letting us get to know you better. I wish you all the success and happiness!





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