Getting personal with Cornelia Benavidez

Hello everyone…. I would like to introduce you to Cornelia Benavidez. She is a very sweet and kind lady who I have recently met. So we will be getting to know her together 😊. Please welcome Cornelia Benavidez to Roadie Notes. . .


How old were you when you first wrote your first story?

I was around 10 when I wrote my first poem and 12 when I wrote my first story and play. I was inspired by the first True Grit movie with John Wayne.

Tell me about you. Age, married, kids, do you have another job etc…

I do not consider myself an old goat but neither am I a spring chicken lol unless I was a hobbit which regrettably I am not. lol I am married to Atty. John Doyle who still fights the good fight for the underdogs in the California prison system and we both helped Kathy Peck with Dr. Flash Gordon from the Height/Ashbury clinic form H.E.A.R. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers in 1986 which still does it’s good work. For a time Kathy and I sang together as well. I have worn many hats throughout my life now I write, assist my husband and run a little farm.

Who or what inspired you to write?

I come from a family of storytellers. I love fairy tales and started reading Jules Verne and the Moonstone by Wilkie Collins at a young age. I was very involved with theater and singing yet at the side I was always writing and sometimes painting. When I saw the movie True Grit with Kim Darby, John Wayne and Glen Campbell. The story and the courage of the girl lit something in me. Later, I read a book by Taylor Caldwell called Romance of Atlantis. Some would say this was a corny or old-fashioned title. Taylor was only 12 in 1912 when she wrote it and the story was very sophisticated much more so than the title. Which frightened her Grandfather who could not believe she wrote it. So it was not published till much later. The Snow Queen and Maia were books that moved me in my 20’s. It was such books that inspired me from the Victorian era to classic sci-fi.

Where do you write? Quite or music?

If I am inspired I can write anywhere but I prefer my farm because animals make me get up and move which is much-needed for a writer.


LOL My life is full of critters. Chickens, Geese, dogs, cats, snakes and rescued wild birds and whatever else needs fostering. Keeps me on my toes.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

That it is such a useful multi-layered process. It’s reach extends from simple to detailed utilitarian uses yet it ascends in the creative spinning of all tales. It inspires our minds to the profound and the esoteric soaring of human consciousness from theoretical science to sacred text. That is quite a lot of territory to dance in.

How many books have you written?

I have always been writing. Yet, I have only in the last few years been writing publicly. Poetry here and there, a story in a small magazine. Then I was very lucky to be included in an Anthology called Sideshow which is still available on Amazon. This inspired me to write more stories and my novel “In the Shadow of the Other” which was just released

Anything you won’t write about?

I love writing about many things and for many reasons πŸ™‚

What is your dream? Famous writer?

I am the kind of person that has to write. I love-making people laugh or fill them with interest and wonder with an interesting story. I also enjoy passing down history and knowledge of various kinds. If I become famous as a writer what a bonus that would be. Certainly it would be great if I could make a living this way. That would be an honor.

Cornelia Benavidez as C.B. Doyle




6 thoughts on “Getting personal with Cornelia Benavidez

  1. I’ve known Cornelia since childhood. She has always ‘marched to the beat of a different drummer “. Last year I learned more about her family life, and it served to clarify her unique outlook. She is definitely a rare jewel!


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