Through The Open Door by Robert Edward Lyons II

Ok you know I love to read and you know I love meeting new author friends. This amazing man is the son of another of my writer friends. Amazing family of writers! So when I met him I asked him what to read and he suggested this. Let me say that not only was I impressed but wow can this guy write. You do not want to miss reading this book. It blew me away.

I love a good story line and this book has one. It starts with a young woman who is at her own engagement party at her home. Her fiancée has run to the liquor store for more wine for the guests. She feels like a stranger in her own home. She is also worried about her fiancée because there is a wicked snow storm raining tons of snow down. He is gone longer and longer. She wants to call him but a friend tells her not to as he might be driving and that would be dangerous. She sits with two friends on the sofa and they began to chat. One of the ladies is rude and comments on how small her diamond is and her other friend gets upset and fusses at the other lady who promptly gets up and goes outside in the snow storm. Now this makes me giggle because it’s what my dumb butt would have done. They wait for her to come back inside and after a while they go back to talking. All of a sudden they hear a scream and she runs in the door and slams it behind her. Everyone stops talking and stares at her. Now this is the point where I tell you I won’t say anymore. You really just need to read this book.

The last thing I will say is this….

If you like reading like I do where you can see what the writer is describing and feel what the characters feel then you definitely want to read this book. I realized several times I was holding my breath and that I was nervous. I could see this unfolding in my head like a movie. That takes talent, real talent. He leaves enough to your imagination that you have the full story he intended you to have. Very well written and very talented writer. Can’t wait to read more of his books.

You can by the book here:

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