Top 10 Books Of The Year

There is no question that I read a lot. That being said I have taken into consideration all the truly amazing books I have read this year and broken it down into a small list of my absolute favorites this year. With so many awesome books out this was no easy task. If your book is not on this list that does not mean that it wasn’t good! These book just made a real impression on me….. so here they are ūüėä



10.  The Final Cut  by: Jasper Bark 


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9. The Dark Roads by: Wayne Lemmons 


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8. Blue Plague  by: Thomas A. Watson 


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7.  Through The Open Door by: Robert Edward Lyons II


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6.  Zombie Theorem  by: James Wallace


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5. Dredging Up Memories  by A.J. Brown



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4.  Side Effects  by: Jeff Menapace



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3. Dark Hallows II-anthology  published By: Mark Parker


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2. A Long December  by: Richard Chizmar


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1. Amnesia   By: Matt Hickman


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So many amazing books this year! Thank you to all my wonderful author friends for doing what you do best…..write!! Don’t ever stop!


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