Snatched by: Ian Woodhead

Ok, it’s true I’m a very lucky girl! I have had the honor of reading a copy of the absolutely brilliant book that Ian Woodhead has written before release! It will be released in January. This is a definite do not miss!! Having read almost if not all of Ian’s books this is one of the best! Creepy, chills and depravity at its finest. In my opinion, He has out done himself!!


The story starts with a man who has come home for the evening and goes to check on his house guest. However the house guest is not there of their own free will. He is a young boy who has been taken from his home and is being taught how to behave. This is not the first boy that has suffered this fate. He is shackled and forced to look at pictures of his dead family members trying to break him so that he may be molded into what his captor wants him to become. Needless to say his captor is the killer.

Later we find that our captor appears to be a normal man. He has a job in a soup kitchen where he serves the homeless lunch and helps them. He seems so kind and loving and he is very attracted to a kind woman who works there. There is a man there that he would love to kill and day dreams about this many times. Sometimes so much that he can’t figure out for a minute if he has killed him for real. The story flips back and forth between this world and the captured boy but is not in the least hard to follow.

Then comes the twist. Now you know that I won’t tell you more about this story as you just have to read it, you won’t be sorry you did either. Ian Woodhead’s books just keep getting better and better. This one really made me nervous. I would go out to the store and wonder if maybe the person I was dealing with could have a horrific hidden life at home. It made me sad for the child held captive. I could not put it down. It was an easy read and flowed very seamlessly. I can not say enough that when this releases this must be on your list for 2017! Ian will start your year out with a huge bang! Congratulations Ian you really gave me the creeps with this one! Hard to do but so very worth it! Much impressed!


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