The Christmas Spirit by Brian James Freeman

It is without a doubt that Brian James Freeman can write an incredible story! This one is no different and really packs a punch. He was kind and offered it to his readers free over the Christmas Holiday. If you didn’t get a copy you definitely missed out on an amazing short story! I can only tell you how brilliant this story is and that it knocked my socks off. Thank you so much!

This story follows a man named Adam Tanner. He has never quite gotten the Christmas Spirit, until a kind neighbor extends him a hand and shows him love. This changes his entire life. He was given a button that reads “Remember the reason for the Season”. This is very special to him and he keeps it as he is growing up. He entire outlook on life changes and he becomes a positive person and successful in all aspects of his life. He has an amazing career, a beautiful family and incredible home. They live in a small town on a small street with good neighbors and a great community. Nothing could go wrong, or can it?

The family is outside setting up for the Christmas decoration competition among the neighbors when an older neighbor comes by and asks Adam if he has seen the people who live across the street. Thinking about it he says he has not. They look at the house and notice that it is dark and shows no signs of life. The neighbor tells him that they recently had a tragedy in the family and is worried about them. Adam tries to think if there is anything he can do to bring a little Christmas cheer to the neighbors. While the family decorates the house he reaches up and touches the button. He remembers what happened to him all those years ago and longs to help the neighbors. This is when all hell breaks loose.

No, I’m not telling you any more about it because that would ruin your reading experience. So….get the book. It is well worth your time. It flows seamlessly and the ending was one I definitely did not see coming! Total shock.

Brian James Freeman is an amazing writer you want to read!!


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