Chaos Rising by David Owain Hughes

Written by Mandy Tyra


HOLY HELL!! That Welshian Writer Savant has done it again, what a tasty little jaw dropper this was. Chaos has quite the shocking back story. And there is no going back, can’t be unseen now…

Wind-Up Toy was my first read from him and it simply blew me away. At that point I hadn’t read anything quite so raunchy dirty before but with such a great story, multi layered, deep and poignant with 3 dimensional characters, it really had heart and soul which made it all the more memorable. One such character was Chaos, the hardcore and hardened dominatrix with a phallic shaped chip on her shoulder.

Being such a HUGE fan of the original it just tickles me pink that Hughes keeps expanding on this story, this perverse universe he’s created.
I can’t get enough of em, of course he writes them far quicker than I can read and review though. Sadly, I’m always behind….

And actually there are a lot of us huge fans of this sinful little series and Hughes really listens to us.
We wanted more Simone, he gave us more Simone.
We wanted more Mr. Tingles, he gave us more Mr. Tingles.
And now with this, we get to peak under Chaos’s hood, see what revs up our favorite pint-sized little sadist’s engine in this deliciously devious 75 page novella.

Young Charlotte Ros was groomed at a young age to be in a position of power. Born filthy rich, her mom wanted a dolly doting princess, her father wanted a little mogul entrepreneur.
Her father won.
Barely out of Kindergarten, her father totes her all loud and proud to his offices where she keenly watches how tight he runs his ship and how he takes shrewd pleasure in throwing staff overboard, just for shits and giggles.
He likes to show off in front of his daughter even at the expense of a good employee, who has a family.
Not only does she seem to have a natural talent for the numbers game, she also enjoys seeing the worker bees buzz about trying to appease and please their tyrant of a boss, fear and uncertainty etched into their eyes.
It gives her a giddy kind of joy; other people’s discomfort.

Her young mind was groomed from an early age to be shrewd and non compromising in all things business, so how does a business savvy little tyke end up a ball busting dick bashing little dominatrix you may wonder?
The lewd comes into play when one day she accidentally discovers/stumbles onto her father’s dirty little secret.
Charlotte’s burgeoning yet immature mind does not know how to handle such a thing so she falls back on the only way she knows how to handle…anything.
Blackmail her father to become Captain of that ship, of course.
She did learn from the best, after all. With her sweet and oblivious mother playing an unbeknownst key role, a little cat and mouse game ensues with catastrophic consequences.

A spiraled out of control series of events finds our barely teen Charlotte living with her Aunt Sue, her father’s sister. Aunt Sue has a few dirty secrets of her own, only difference is….she wants to share those secrets with Charlotte, seeing much potential in a budding, impressionable, and eager to please little apprentice in the making.
Charlotte has an awakening. Chaos is born of it.

Charlotte Ros got a taste of power at a very young age. Liked how it made her feel, all over.
“Never, ever let someone expose your weak side, Charlotte.”
Words she would grow to live by.

Chaos and Simone both had extremely unconventional childhoods, rife with highly questionable parenting on the most inappropriate of levels.
Nature vs. Nurture? A long running debate with a few variables.

Well, I believe in the case of both Simone and Chaos, it’s hands down nurture.
Careful how you raise your kids folks, it’s pretty darn important!
Spend quality aaand appropriate time with them.
Play Lego’s, not Grand Theft Auto.
Take them to the park, not a brothel or a boardroom.
Watch Mary Poppins, not Mommie Dearest.
Read picture books, not anything from David Owain Hughes.
There’s a fine line between munchkin and masochist.

This story ends RIGHT at the beginning of the original Wind Up Toy with Simone getting a free pass to go play at the fair. YES, Simone IS in this, I just didn’t talk about it…you’ll see… 😀
Hughes has a juggernaut with this little series, it’s really is boundless and I can see him continuing with it for as long as us fans (not so) politely demand it.
Another awesome thing about this whole pervie universe is after you read the first one, you don’t have to stick in any particular order. This isn’t an A to B kind of series. Explore around, just take protection! Lol

This is extremely graphic and highly sexual, even though there is no actual sex in this. Sexuality, maybe…much bondage, S&M, fetishism, perversion, blood and guts and tits and ass, death and a dismemberment, or two.
Hopefully….hopefully this is the ONLY outlet Mr. Hughes needs to release them inner demons of his. :O
ALL of David’s writing is extremely sexual in nature, and again, I’m not talking about love-making here.
And he does not shy away from his rather colorful descriptions. He certainly knows his…uh, anatomy and really gets up in there with all his descriptive know-how’s.
Yea, I blush sometimes…
Filth, so much filth.
That’s one of the reasons why I LOVE this author so much! He don’t care, he don’t hold back. He has this cracking knack of a storytelling flair, paired with exceptional writing skills to back him up and bail him out.
Thinking back to his White Walls and Straitjackets, how he tightly wove all those short stories together, very clever. And again, very very filthy.
BONUS ~ He has a WWSJ sequel coming out in March!! WooHoo

He ain’t done yet, Into the Playpen ~ no details released (..cheeky bastard) ~ is due out soon.
He’s actually releasing it as a novella sized bonus story along side ALL the other Wind-Up Toy tales into a hardback edition entitled All Wound Up which I will be ordering a signed and doodled copy of!! SWEET!!!


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