Cling by Jeff Menapace And Kim Bravo

By: Becky Narron


I AM FURIOUS! Yes, you read that right. Why you ask? Because the book ended! Now I have read many a good book and the best way to know if I absolutely loved it is if I am in fact mad when I read the words The End. Not only was I mad I was pissed and yelled at my kindle! Yes I know I’m a dork! But this dork just read an amazing and I mean amazing book!  Ok, now on to the good stuff.

This book is very different from Jeff’s normal horror. This one is post apocalyptic and will have you on the edge of your seat. I fell in love with the characters and wanted to kick the bad guys butts. There were times my heart hit my shoe and I wanted to cry. My emotions ran the gamut. That is good and only means that they were real and full and I felt like they were old friends. I love it when I’m so involved in a story the world melts away.

There are several different stories st the beginning of this book all brought together in a tight package.

The first story is about a woman who is a loner. She has a gift that she must keep hidden to keep herself safe from others as they would exploit her and possibly kill her. When she uses the gift it leaves her sick and if she uses it to long she passes out and that is both dangerous and scary. The story starts with her going into a bar looking for a card game so she can make a quick buck. She is smart enough to hide her gift in here until she wins a few hands and the man she wins from accuses her of cheating. He is a member of a blood thirsty gang called The Blue. She carelessly ends up shooting him and killing him in front of the others in the bar before fleeing. She vanishes into the wasteland to hide and because she has used her gift winds up very sick and passes out on the side of the road.

The second story starts with a group of people who have found an underground compound. They are kind and have built a wonderful life here. They have running purified water and power for lights and a medical team that takes care of the sick. The sickness is called Cling. They are looking for a cure. The young man who runs and is the head of this found a young boy who had been severely beaten and left for dead. He adopts him and raises him as part of his family. The child has horrible nightmares and is suffering from almost total blindness and doesn’t know where he came from and has repressed memories. The young doctor wants so badly to help the child recover. Can he help him?

The next part is The Blue have discovered that they have a dead member shot by a woman and they are looking for her. They have killed many and have taken prisoners that serve as slaves and are not treated well. The slaves are given numbers not names to keep them in line and they are shackled and beaten. One of them is a young woman who is pregnant with the leaders baby. She is desperate to escape.

The Blue have an enemy. He is a great man. Some believe that he has died. He has not and with his trusty number one are looking for a way to defeat The Blue once and for all. The Blue killed his family and they must pay. Do they find a way?

Now you know I’m going to tell you to read this book! Don’t argue just read it you will love it! I have read everything Jeff Menapace has written and they just keep getting better and better. Absolutely stunned with this one! Loved it and hope there will be another in this series…hint hint

You can buy the book here:

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