Last Minute Shopper by Mark Parker



Ok, yes the holidays might be over for now but there is no reason to miss this amazing novella by Mark Parker. I was holding my breath through it and just when I thought it was over, it was not. It left me in tears and shaking.


The story starts with a father who is going shopping to pick up some last second gifts for his kids. He is a detective and is off duty. He finds what he is looking for amid the incredible large crowd and pushed his way to the front of the store. Standing in the check out line he notices a strange-looking man. His cop instinct takes over and he becomes very aware of what is around him. The people and smells and what he hears almost as if things are happening in slow motion.


What happens next? Nope not gonna tell you! Read the story. You won’t be sorry you did. This one has a surprise ending that I never saw coming. I was shocked. Very!


You can get a copy here:





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