Rather Be Fishing by: Lucretia Stanhope

Written by: Mandy Tyra


Love love LOVED this. WOW!
So much action, so much wit, so much yucky monster goodness!!
Mrs. Stanhope is a fantastic new writer that I just discovered and I’m excited to read more.
Her writing is so seamless and polished as if she has been doing this for a while but looking at her Goodreads page, it looks like this is her first published work….again, just wow…
Yep, she’s a natural!

Told in first person ala memoir style, Mike Sims is a monster hunter telling us a bit about his tours of – monster demolition -duty. He loves to go fishing with his dad, when conceivable.
Most of the time, it’s inconceivable.
He hates tea and definitely wants THAT documented.
His dad used to run the family monster busting biz but he’s old and retired now. He still hangs about and offers up assistance, advice….a bit of fun natured ribbing.

Mike is a GREAT character, very well-rounded, very well written with a spot on sense of humor.
It’s MY kind of humor, sarcastic and unfiltered….yeeea…get’s him into trouble sometimes.
The best thing about how Mrs. Stanhope wrote him though, is that he is still just a REAL guy; get’s scared, feels unsure, second guesses himself…
There was none of that chest pounding bravado that you often see with these kinds of heroic characters. Plus he’s got a lot of heart. Awwww such boyfriend material.

Also accompanying (and ribbing) him through many crazy scary adventures is Star, the alternative living-dayglow headed-vegan raw food eating-spiritualistic good vibey witch, who is very much a no-nonsense kind of gal when battling the ‘evil nasty’s’.
Mike is pretty much madly in love with her but they work together…so he can’t compromise that dynamic.
Maybe one day, he hopes….

Mike takes us on 9 such evil nasty disemboweling tours of duty, candid diary style.
For as highly skilled and knowledgeable as he is, sometimes even HE can’t believe his eyes; cloudy vampire/mummy hybrids, a beautiful wolf used as a pawn for dark magic, lake monsters that change composition, overgrown trolls that don’t squat under bridges, ghosts that tug at your heartstrings, zombies with a bedtime, snowmen with attitude, flying-grey-alien-dinosaur chupa-whata’s, a mossy swamp creature who brings offerings to a little old lady….
And although he may beee quite baffled at times, he still does a pretty bang up job battling and bantering his way through all the inhuman fiends.

One true concept he abides by and has yet to fail him “When in doubt, poke it with a stick.”

And this highly creative and imaginative author puts her own spin on and totally reinvents ALL the folklore. What a BLAST to read, so clever, so original. So damn refreshing!!
Her very veeery detailed descriptions of a troll had me rolling!! LOL

All too often though, Mike’s clients are the worst of the bunch, manipulating dark forces they don’t understand for their own vicious agendas, then calling him when they get in over their heads. Unfortunately, he’s not able to vanquish humans though…even the ones that deserve it, that’d be frowned upon and most likely carry a sentence.

YEP, never a dull day and rarely does he actually get to go fishing but when such monstrosities are running amuck, he has no choice but to just suck it up…it’s all in an exciting aaand exhausting days work.
And pay, pay is good too.

Even though Mike was written as a real guy next door kind of guy, I still pictured Dean and Sam Winchester. YES, both of them, they switched off, they are capable…as am I. 😉

I hope Mike plans on writing more of his memoirs. He’s got me hook, line, and sinker. 😀

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