Night Terrors review written by Mandy Tyra:

Ohhhh hair raisingly spooky, this was one fantastic creeper peeper fest. Tim Miller steps outta form and outta his extreme horror comfy cozy zone to bring us a supernatural thriller about an imposing otherworldly entity known as The Shadow Man,in Night Terrors.

Told in first person perspective from our main character nice guy, Lenny. Lenny is such a likable guy, a real sweetheart and you feel strongly for him. We also get a few segments from the pov of a simple minded rat faced maniacal mental patient named Skippy, who is NOT so likeable but was oh so fun to read. Plus some archived eye witness accounts from parents of missing children and the police who investigated.

Imagine not being able to sleep without seeing a faceless presence hovering and lurking in your personal space. Imagine the confusion, fear, and sleep deprivation to follow. Now imagine seeing THAT while you’re wide awake and at work! That’s what happens to our poor exhausted Lenny.
He thinks he maaay be going crazy until he does a little research and gains a bit more insight -and fright – into the entity known as The Shadow Man.
You see, this Shadow Man has quite the cult lore, he’s been around for a very long time, he collects children to take back to his shadow realm and he also entices and corrupts the weak-willed to do his dirty work on our side of the dimension.

Lenny just can’t figure what he wants with HIM then, why has he been targeted and plagued…taunted and haunted??
Pairing up with a gal he meets in a chatroom named Casey, who is encountering the same kinds of encounters, they set off to find some answers, some clues, a bit of ….well, ANYTHING to find out why the shadow man is after them. From Casey’s helpful witch friend Courtney, to a missing simpleminded schizo named Skippy, to a Dr. Ramirez who has his own career oriented agenda, they try their damndest to fit the square pegs in the round holes of this puzzling quandary they have found themselves pitched in.

Tim created a superbly spooky tale, with layers of lore, a few scenes made the hair on the back on my neck stand up. He cut back on his trademark gore, lewd and crude content, and just let the supernatural -and super bizarre- vibe take center stage.

He rarely ever uses the first person writing technique, it’s not his preferred style but here, with this, it was a great choice, really allowed you to get into Lenny’s head and mindset….as well as Skippy’s ~ EEECK what a terrifying place, that whackjob was quite the character!!
Tim is not overly descriptive but the imagery of the shadow realm he planted in my head sprouted a couple bad seed dreams. * shudders and spazzes
Very much enjoyed the eye witness account parts with the parents, kids, and the police who came face to faceless face with the shadow man.

I’m always impressed when my favorite authors try a new genre on for size and even more so when it ends up fitting like a second skin meat suit!!
I hope he writes more in this genre, he really built up the freaky creepy eerie setting quite well.

I really don’t know what freaks me out more, people doing evil or supernatural evil. I guess it just depends on the storytelling savvy of the writer. And Miller writes both horrors quite effectively, and entertainingly. That’s why he’s a favorite of mine!!
Bring on more Country Club torturers, bring on more inbred murderous redneck hillbilly’s, bring on more killer clowns, bring on more suicidal sleeper cells, and bring us MORE Shadow Man.

Oh and he included two (pick your favorite) endings. I love it when writers do that and he has done it a few times! It’s all special editiony.

Thank you Mr. Miller for an ARC copy of this freakishly fantastic book, as always, I am humbled and horrified. Keep rocking them badass stories, you got a loyal and devious cheerleader in me!! 😀

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