Flanagan by James H. Longmore

This is the first book I have read by James H. Longmore but it will NOT be the last I can promise you this!  This story had me hooked from the first word. It reeled me in like a fish on a line and held me there the entire book! His writing is very smooth like fine chocolate. I love reading books like this and it is a real treat when I fine one that makes me hold my breath and sit on the edge of my seat. This book might be fiction but when reading it you will wonder if there really are people like this out in the world. That makes it even more scary and believable. I can’t say enough that you really really really want to read this book!


The story starts with a couple who have found themselves in a horrific position. Definitely not one I would ever want to be involved with. They have been kidnapped and held but not for ransom for a sick and twisted game of their captors. They have both been brutalized in ways that you can’t even imagine. Now saying this the writer doesn’t go into discusting details but will definitely leave enough to your imagination that you can see what is going on and happening to this couple. They are staked down in a field in the middle of no where and there is an old-time black alarm clock with the bells between them that they can hear ticking. The captors have told them when the alarm sounds that they will die. Do they? I am not telling read the book.


Then the story back tracks to tell you how they got into this position and  gives you insight into their lives. Who they are and what they do for a living. They are teachers on a summer break going on a vacation. Their one mistake is stopping in a small one horse town called Flanagan. To say the least not my idea of a great place to visit. They stop over night in the small hotel there and meet the strange and weird guy that works the front desk. He is a bit to “friendly” for their taste but all is well as they go to their room. They have a delicious dinner of tacos from the taco truck and go to sleep. The next morning while the husband is at the convenience store getting bagels the wife takes a dip in the motel pool. This is where all hell breaks loose. Now at this point you know I’m not telling you anymore.  I will say that there is plenty of bloodshed, debauchery and abuse to the unsuspecting couple. Now this is where things get really good. There is a HUGE plot twist I never in a million years saw coming. It is perfect and fits the story oh so well. To say that James H. Longmore  has a winner on his hands is being reserved in my book. If you love horror like I do then this is one you do not want to pass up reading.


You can pick up a copy here:

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