The Club review by: Mandy Tyra


Punch-Drunk LOVED this!!
Writer rock star strikes…err I mean writes, again. And strikes too actually. He’s a striking writer!!
GOD, I’ve been ‘scot-free’ for far too damn long, months of impatient waiting for new material to sink my starved teeth into. I’ve read everything else of his, some even twice.

So was The Club worth all that wait ~ ABSOFUCKINLUTELY!

Fast paced, in your face, non stop action and intrigue, wonderfully written wretched characters; just a page a minute thrills, kind of oddly charming, storytelling and oh so graphic and extreme!!
It’s what he does, and does exceptionally well.
This Scottish feller was born to write, he makes it all seem so effortless, it’s most definitely his second aaand first nature. Probably some third thrown in there too.

And often he has a super strong femme fatale lead. Gals with gumption you just holler and root for. That’s the best, men authors who excel at creating well rounded-self sustaining-kick ass-balls of bejeweled steel- WOMEN.

I like to think I can relate to them. Well but, no..not really, I can’t even manage to shave my legs without cutting my arms but it’s fun to live vicariously (albeit delusional) through his many heroines.

Also often, it’s the 2nd half of Kyle’s books that fill his court mandated therapeutic release brutality quota but not so much this time…

From the very first page….

We open up with a quartet of psychopaths, doing very psychotic, not nice things. Having kidnapped their latest ‘toys’ (a couple of young pretty sisters), just all hanging out and cutting loose in a motel room.
The leader of the bloodthirsty whack pack is Jason, the charming and charismatic beautiful man with a great smile and gorgeous green eyes. He’s the kind of man your momma would warn you about, before he guts her. He’s the kind of man you probably wouldn’t care as long as he kept you on his safe side.
He enjoys the taunt as much as the kill and ‘gets off’ on mind screwing his many victims.
He finds his soulmate in carnal sin carnage in a hardened street smart gal named Lara, he reforms that former back alley druggie whore and they both enjoy the thrills of the spree kill.
Rounding out the unharmonizing/non whistling dixie quartet is Conner and Fiona, a couple young uns that grew up on the same street as best friends, then copious gratuitous lovers. They ain’t right in the head either but need grooming and Jason is a groomer.
Not much of a coddler though…

One sister having used up her entertainment value (NOT a spoiler, from the first pages), down to just the one girl now. Simply known as The Girl…I like that, names are way overrated anyway.
Finding themselves on the fuzz’s radar, they decide to camp out and lay low for a while in the California Redwoods….how fitting.
Bound yet determined, the girl sees her opportunity. Barely managing to hop, skip, and jump her way outta the fire, she ends up diving head first into a blazing raging ~ copulating ~ inferno when she comes across a luxurious and rather intimidating mansion out in the middle of nowhere. Oh, this can’t be good, but better than where she’s coming from, she naively assumes…..
Welcome to The Club.

Oh what can I say about this particular club….
They like to play club games ~ house rules.
The enjoy exquisite banquet dining ~ house recipes.
And they delight in a bit of kinky perverted hanky pankying, group style ~ house amenities; all access, all-inclusive.

Ran by a Mr. Athos, this club caters to glorified gluttony to nourish the deviant mind, body, and soul. They are violently vile and scrumptiously sinful and accept only the most esteemed and distinguished members.

Fans of Kyle’s Consumed Volumes 1 and 2 will already know about some of the goings ons at The Club. And for those that haven’t yet…you’ll definitely/defiantly crave more backdoor connections.

Isn’t just gorn porn for the sake of gore porn although it IS quite gorgasmic. It’s the kind of porn that caterers to us ladies as well, in that it includes a well told, captivating, and affecting story at its core. Even a pizza delivery man!!!! LOL That happened a week before the happenings in this book, fans of Special Delivery in Consumed Volume 1 will get a big kick out of the mention.

I love the nonchalant and flat-out effervescent ways Kyle delivers the dirty deeds. One question I’ve often wondered though, how the hell does our Mr. Scott seem to know so much???
Like, the exact melting stages a face being burned off takes ooor the exact orifice ratio for no waiting… :/
Hmmm, it’s very detailed, it’s very telling. It’s very…all knowing.
And ya know, I suppose…yeaaaa, I really just don’t need to know. ** cough cough, so method.

Jason envisions, downright fancies himself as a psycho extraordinaire, alpha cream of the slay crop UNTIL meeting The Club…..he’s sees he ain’t exactly extraordinary, more like pretty damn ordinary when comparing, contrasting, and crossing paths with the ‘elite psychopaths’.

AAAAAND that’s it, I’m not going anymore into the plot, Kyle always reads best not knowing too much beforehand and I’m very very protective of this particular author.
I’m not quite done talking yet though, of course not. 😛

This is all told in 3rd person perspective but Kyle took a unique approach, each chapter is centered around a character and we also get a bit of backstory on all our main players.
If you crave more Mr. Athos though, he has his own background centered short story in Room 7 in Consumed Volume 2, it’s a real appetite suppressant; weight management control courtesy of Scott.
With a feather light dusting of social, cultural, and historical commentary, it’s another common theme in quite a few of his books and from reading past reviews, I notice that this has bugged a couple of people….
I have no idea why?? It’s not like he’s spouting off hateful propaganda, extremist leftist radical thinking here. NO, nothing of the sort, you can tell this author has a big heart and strong unwavering convictions, he’s got a humanitarianism streak flowing through him and it’s quite vibrant, floral and fragrant.
It makes it all resonate that much deeper, deeper than just, balls deep…in disemboweled bowels…kind of…deep.
That moral code paired along side that warped, demented, sick and twisted imagination of his, makes for some lovely literature, it’s The Kyle Style in full extreme swing.

I personally value his views. If this was the 60’s, I totally picture him being one of them long haired free loving beautiful hippies, full of neighborly respect and with that day-glo peace signed up VW bus (ala Scooby van) in tow, smoking fatties aplenty.
OH GOD, he should do a story of that!!! Similar to The Tripper but much much better.
YES, Kyle, do it, DO IT. Write it, just be it
Aaaaand he can add in all the social, political, and cultural unjusts, unrests, and upheavals he wants!!!

I think Kyle’s an elite, I’ll just stick with elite…writer, for now. 😉


You can purchase this book here:

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