James P. McDonald is a business and technology consultant, fiction and non-fic author, technology and futurist speaker.



I’m not sure I would necessarily count her as horror directly, but having listened to her, and having read her book more so than having seen that much of her work, is Shonda Rhimes. I’ve caught pieces of some of her different dramas, and even though I don’t watch a lot of TV any more, the pieces I’ve watch, while dramas, do a fantastic job of presenting realistic, real world scenarios.

She’s not afraid to go after the political establishment, and show the dirty side of politics. Having grown up in it somewhat, people would probably be afraid to know how close to true some of her concepts are. So if I’m looking at someone who is creating content, and presenting some horrific acts and ideas, I give her a great deal of credit. I encourage people to read her story about the year of “Yes.”

Since we are on horror, I can’t let go of its First Lady, Mary Shelley. We all love Frankenstein. In many ways it set forth the course for horror and science fiction.

Of all of her works, the one I’m most glad to have read was one of her later novels, “The Last Man.” This set the course for every post-apocalyptic, plague rampaging the world, zombie movie since. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this in a college lit class.

I think what has both impressed me most, and also been the most depressing, is how Shelly wrote these allegories, and was so able to transform social and political issues of her day into such formative and influential works.

Like most genre writers, she was able mask issues of fear and trying to understand a period of major growth and change in technology and intellectual knowledge balanced against an age of misogyny, sexual repression, and feudalism.

I firmly believe that her body of work across many styles and genres gives a strong model for any writer to follow, and to inspire readers even today.

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