Getting personal with James H. Longmore

James H. Longmore is an amazing guy. I have completely enjoyed getting to know him and have the honor of doing a weekly segment on his podcast.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it make sure you do it is an amazing show and loads of fun. He is super smart and wickedly talented. I recently read my first book of his Flanagan and I can assure you it won’t be the last one I read by him. He has a publishing company called Hellbound Books that you want to make sure you check out and to watch for up coming books by amazing authors. If you haven’t met him yet please do so and send him a friend request. Make sure you get a copy of his latest book and don’t forget to leave a review. You won’t be sorry! Please welcome James H. Longmore to Roadie Notes…..




1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
I’d say around 6/7 – I’ve always been making things up and spinning tales, I’ve wanted to be a writer pretty much since I learned to read 😉

2. How many books have you written?
Including those in my younger years that will never see the light of day? Too many to count! Published, I currently have four novels, one novella – and a spanking brand new novel – ‘Flanagan’ – due on the 18th February 2017. I have another novel under consideration with Sinister Grin Press, two halfway finished, my anthology (editing!) and a bunch of short stories scattered here and there!

3. Anything you won’t write about?
Can’t think of any particular subject – nothing is taboo for me! On the other side of the coin, I won’t write about something that doesn’t hold my interest – otherwise I would quickly grow bored with it and that would show in my work.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…
Of course I don’t mind! I’m (an incredibly youthful and handsome) 52, married, 5 kids in total (24, 21, 21, 14, 7) and this is my job. In my previous career I was in Sales & Marketing for some seriously big companies!

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
That accolade has to go to ‘Flanagan’! It’s ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ meets ‘Straw Dogs’ – a fantastic psychological/psychosexual horror about a seemingly average, everyday couple…
It hits the shelves (virtual and paper) on the 18th Feb 2017 – it will take your breath away and has a twist that I defy anyone spotting till it hits them!

6. Who or what inspired you to write?
Generally speaking, I always had a headful of ideas that needed to come out. My early influences were James Herbert, Stephen King, Clive Barker, John Wyndham, HG Wells, Guy N Smith…the list is practically endless!

7. What do you like to do for fun?
I love the movies, hanging with the kids, family stuff – we have a house full of animals (kids not included!) and I spend an inordinate amount of time mucking them out 😉

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?
Yep – I crack on with the next one!

9. Where do you write? Quiet or music?
I have an office at home, and I must have quiet because I am so verily easily distracted…

10. Anything you would change about your writing?
Nope, I have grown into my style now. Having said that, I am constantly learning and adapting, so I guess you could say my writing evolves each time I hit the keyboard.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
Not so bothered about the fame, it’s the money I dream about – yep, the money…

12. Where do you live?
Houston, TX

13. Pets?
Yep! 4 dogs (actually 3 and a bit – the Chihuahua doesn’t really count as a full dog), 3 snakes, 3 lizards, a tortoise, turtle, hermit crabs, Guinea pig, one of those pygmy hedgehog things and a handful of fish.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
Being able to lose myself in alternate realities, plus exorcising some of the stuff out of my head and down on paper.

15. What is coming next for you?
I’m working hard on the launch of ‘Flanagan’ (buy a copy!!!) of course – and hoping that my next novel ‘Tenebrion’ (an intense, claustrophobic demon story) will be picked up very soon. I’m planning to get my anthology ‘Blood and Kisses’ out later in the year, whilst finishing my latest novels; ‘Possum’s Walk’ and ‘The Resurrected’. Watch this space!

I was (just) accepted as an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writer’s Association – a proud moment for me!
As well as novels and short stories, I write screenplays – I’ve been commissioned to write full-length features, anything from family animation to a biopic of Bob Marley! I’ve also written and directed a bunch of short films – and won a few awards too!

You can connect with James H. Longmore here: (Kindle preorder page) (my website – has info on all of my books, short movies, screenplays – and even a little of my stand-up!) (Amazon Author Page)



As well as amazing writing James H. Longmore also makes short films this is one you will love! 


Some of James H. Longmore’s books:

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