The Head review by: Mandy Tyra

HA HA HA EXCELLENT, what a brilliant little short story.

Had never read anything from this Brian Barr feller but I kept seeing The Head floating ALL over my Goodreads feed, all my friends were reading it, so of course, I have to also.
I’m such a pack follower, had to check it and him out.
So glad I did. I read a ton of short stories and this would get my vote for one of the best written and most original (totally wacked out the head) tales.
Hands down, HEADS UP ~ no tails.Not quite 40 pages, I couldn’t put it down, the quintessential page turner.
Elizabeth is tinkering around in her mom’s garden, she finds a severed head.
His name is Bill, he has a headache, and he doesn’t really feel like talking about it.
Baffled yet fascinated, she decides to takes him home, to tend to his….condition, and over time they do end up talking about quite a bit, they have bunches in common and Elizabeth is just positively smitten, kind of wishes he was whole person though…

And that’s it, I can’t say anymore about the plot, it would be a HUGE insult to this writer and this ingenious ~ a cut above ~ razor sharp, morbid little tale.

The entire time I was reading and highly enjoying this, I couldn’t help but think that the ending was going to be a bit of a let down or all cliched up or something.
IT’S NOT, the ending was a real jaw dropper and nothing my limited imagination even came close to picturing.
HOLY SHIT WOW, now this is how to write a short story, it’s heads ~ and shoulders, knees, and toes ~ above most.

It’s so outlandish yet reads so straight up and absurdly palpable, tongue firmly in both cheeks but as if it’s just…one of them thangs.
Brian Barr, such an easy going writing style with spot on comedic delivery.

I hear it was based off a dream he had….
Hmm…what’s he smoking before bed??? Care to share?? 😀 😀

It looks like he has a handful of shorts, think I’ll check out Show and Tell next about a creative writing student trying to better her story for her professor, make it…pop off the page….
Not sure, gonna check it out!!


You can pick up a copy here:

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