All Tied up with String #3 ‘B-Side’ review by: Mandy Tyra


And now for the 3rd custom-made creepy tale in the All Tied up with String collection; B-Side, all about that soul soothing rock and roll.
A very different kind of Stuart Keane story, this one is more about the mood, it’s moody.
It’s like, an inner reflection that casts a very outward impression.
That’s the beauty of Keane, he can go all out with the horrific and explicit graphic gross goodness with his stories, ooor just as easily…..he can mello it all back inwards and let the tune set the tone, without missing a dynamic beat.
Swan Song in Whispers 1 is a great example of how he can take the same topic (as B-Side) and write them on completely opposite ends of the scare spectrum.
I’m pretty confident he could write a straight up period piece drama and it’d still be A-1 exceptional.
It has nothing to do with the storyline and everything to do with the storyteller.The next pawn in Stuart’s king stacked strategic playlist is Lorraine Sadler, who is a lover of horror books and had the (mis)fortune to meet and chat with him at a convention last year.
Conventions are great places for fans and writers to form lasting bonds, really cement that 2 way street.
I would frequent them often and form many lasting (adhering) bonds but nobody with any sense comes to the frozen desolate tundra of North Dakota…. :/

A lot of grand music mentioned in this, Lorraine and Stuart both have stellar taste in tunes!

B-Side beats in at about 30 pages.

“Music. From the symphonies of death (the Danse Macabre), to the chilled relaxation of Bob Dylan, music takes me where nothing else can. Where will it take me now?” Lorraine Sadler ~ concluding euphoric overtones of

Lorraine is cleaning out and reorganizing her storage closet, getting whisked away by the waves of nostalgia that all the old trinkets and keepsakes are giving her. Her LP collection especially, is very impressive and deserves a bit of up keep and display.
One such unopened record she doesn’t recognize though….
Her retrospect and recollect interrupted by a knock on the door, it’s her neighbor, Jackie, this particular neighbor is of the crotchety meddlesome variety, has been a bit too meddlesome in Lorraine’s past. Sending the nagging hag on her way, she gets back to her rousing business, that mysterious record though…..
Ohhhh now she remembers, it’s an old one from many years past, worthy of a debut spin on her turntable.
Feeling attune with good vibrations in full elation ~ total zen.
Until, another knock on the door….

All I gotta say is I like this Lorraine and I think we’d be great friends. We got some…stuff in common, from distinguished music to defective men…
And I’m so glad I finally got another gal to gab with, it’s gonna be awhile before another one comes along so we made it count. After I let her braid my hair, paint my nails (deep purple, of course), and once music was moving us proper, aaaand after a couple of bottles of red, I hit the query segment of our chatty pep rally.

1.) How do you know the author?
I discovered Stuart by accident at Comic-con, spotted the stall, read the back of The Customer is Always…., it sounded interesting so I bought that along with Cine and Whispers.

2.) What is your first and/or favorite Keane book?
I’m still working my way through, and am hoping Outbreak will become my new favorite, but would say Whispers 2 for the variety in stories. Can I also add B-Side in there too, I was really impressed with how the story built and felt myself smiling at the memories that had actually been included.

3.) Tell me a little bit about the treasured topic you chose for Keane to utterly desecrate with little or no regard for?
I’m a fan of music from all genres, nicking my dad’s LP’s gave me a flavour for classic rock, then college days allowed me to explore and expand my tastes, Spotify has become a good friend.
I don’t think he killed the music for me so I was quite pleased.

4.) Are you equal parts disturbed and delighted with your tailor-made tale?
Another great read, I was kept guessing as to what ‘note’ the story would end on, but happily surprised. It was also made super special by the personal touches of little events added into the storyline.

YES, I must say, I like this lady. Oh yeeea. Thank you Lorraine for those awesome replies, and that awesome plait. Moxie. 😉

Next up, Zachary Walters takes lead in YoYo and it’s about….yoyo’s.
Hmmm an innocent children’s toy, well, not in the skilled hands and cracked knuckles of our Mr. Keane. He gots tricks.
I reckon this one really will be All Tied up with String.
Due out the end of April. Till then, Cheerios. 😀


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