Maniacs With Knives by Shaun Hupp

Ok, there is brutal, spine tingling and gruesome, this book has it all. There were places in it that made my butt pucker and I had to walk away for a while. That doesn’t happen very often. When I first met Shaun several years ago I knew that he was a good writer but he has truly grown into an amazing writer. They way he can describe the scene and how he builds the story and develops his characters have become very awesome to see and experience. If you haven’t had a chance to read anything by him I highly recommend that you change this immediately. You will be hooked.

Maniacs With Knives follows several different stories all merging into one big blood bath. It has been awhile since I was so entranced with a book that I beta read. Shaun would send me a few chapters at a time and I would beg him to send me more. This went on until the end of the book and that’s when he showed me the cover he made for it and let me say it is a perfect fit! This book is really the total package. You won’t regret reading but lock your doors and pull down the windows because you will have the creeps.

The first part starts out with a young girl getting ready to graduate from high school. She is out on a date with her boyfriend. The next thing she knows she wakes up with her hands ties behind her back in a basement. Her captor a skinny older man starts talking to her as he pulls over a tray of knives. She asks the million dollar question…..are you gonna kill me? His reply is no but a few new holes are needed……

Then we flip to a young lady taking a shower thinking about her boy friend who is coming over to her house tonight. Her parents are away and she is hoping that tonight is the night that he will tell her he loves her. Her parents had left her a note telling her where they would be for the evening problem is that her parents didn’t write it………


The next part starts with two men sitting at a bar. One older man and one middle-aged. They start talking and the younger man demands that the old man tell him a story. The older man finally agrees and tells him that he was a serial killer that the police had looked for, for a long time and never caught. The younger man just laughs at him. The older man gets up to leave and the young man insists he sit down and continue the story. Little does he know but the younger man knows who he is and has been looking for him for quite sometime. They are connected but how………

There are a few other stories that mingle in with these three and the more you read the better it gets. You know that I won’t tell you any more because I don’t want to spoil it for you. READ THE BOOK!! You will also never see the ending coming I was totally thrown. I figured I had it all figured out but I was totally wrong. It was a perfect ending and hopefully there will be another book coming soon making this a series. All I can say is well done Shaun Hupp, well done!



You can buy the book here:


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