Fifty Shades of Hell review by:Mandy Tyra

Oh Miller…
Dirty Dirty Diiiirty. This really was like a Hellraiser erotica!! And yes, I’m sure that Fifty Shades of Grey housewife smut too but I wouldn’t know personally.
Pure erotic romance…ew gross.
I needs graphic dismemberment and castration aplenty with my sexy love-making stories! Otherwise, gag.
Miller pushes my right buttons. He gets me.
* This may or may not have giving me a tingle, or two. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

A sexy super racy slicey dicey supernatural satanic tale that violates your visualization!
I’m still trying to white wall mine. Maybe need to dig out some Judy Blume or Beverly Clearly to reset.
He is such a ballsy blast to read though, I’ve been getting lost in his fun and filthy mind for quite a while now, and he never runs out of full-bodied potent ammo to target shoot his load with.

I have a very high tolerance for extreme horror books and movies, the more graphic the better but Tim always seems to make me cringe with the queasies, I think it must be all the sexy allure followed by the chop chop hack and whack.
BUT, this has a little something for everyone; beautiful love, sultry lust, bondage, voyeurism, creative mutilations, orgies, butt stuff, circle jerks, fresh flesh dildos…gremlins

Very brutal, very explicit, and very graphic. With lots and lots of kinky SEX.
Not for readers afflicted with delicate dispositions.

After a quick little taste teasing prologue, this starts out as a sweet love story. Bruce and Karen, adorable young married couple become new homeowners.
She’s an accountant, boring job but it pays the bills. He’s an aspiring painter, really good at it too but it does not pay the bills. They got the house cheap cause some stuff went down in it (deep down and that can be taken many ways), no matters to them, they ain’t superstitious. Besides, they can always call in the Paranormal Stoners from Karen’s guilty pleasure YouTube show, if things get a bit sketchy.
While exploring their new home, Bruce comes across a hidden door in a walk in closet, it’s leads to an attic. Later, when he has alone time, he decides to go check it out.
Just a boring old attic but there is a chest in the corner, rifling through newspaper clippings and a diary, that’s when he meets Melissa. He is positively entranced, she is beyond beautiful and so very intriguing.
After a brief ‘hello’, she whisks him away to her ‘other side’ bedroom lair for a little introductory peek and play.
He knows she’s dead, but she looks, feels, and tastes so damn real…
He loves his Karen but Melissa ~ HOLY HELL….it’s not cheating if the chic is deceased right???
No, Bruce, pretty sure that’s something else entirely….

She’s a real nightmare dressed as a wet dream, too bad he’s wide awake and not exactly thinking with his northerly head.
Back in his own world, he can’t get her out of his mind, even subconsciously paints her portrait.
He’ll do anything to be with her again. Anything.
And here is where the torture, suffering, as well as extreme pleasure is introduced to our smitten Brucey dog.
Whisked away again, this time meeting the Clerics of Dolor main masochist Gorn. A vile, deceitful, and ruthless man who holds all the punches. It’s his show and they all perform to their groveling, gruesome best, and worst.
They lay out the blood soaked red carpet to unwelcome him to the Halls of Dolor (Latin for pain), it’s not Hell though, they cater to a different kind of sinner, it’s more like….Hell adjacent, in no way affiliated or sanctioned by.
Bruce has to prove himself worthy by withstanding and executing the harshest of gratuitous, relentless, and self gratifying punishments, and pleasures.
Oh, where to begin…Gorn has a few ideas.
She’s worth it. He does realize that he’s been beguiled or penis possessed but he doesn’t have time for rational thought, he’s got too much work to get on with.

Can’t count out his wife Karen though, she getting wise to what’s going on and after calling in reinforcements, is also willing to do anything to keep her man from this whoring temptress.

“There is no death here. Only pain.”

Balls to the wall original and inventive, all these trial and tribulations Tim thought up.
His mind scares and scars me. Yet, he is worth it. Must be, I keep coming back for more!!! Yea, I’m so deviant….nestled in all comfy cozy behind my brightly lit kindle screen. ๐Ÿ˜›

And I love how he doesn’t go for the predictable type endings. You literally have no idea in what kind of fucked up fashion Tim is gonna end his depraved stories. Sometimes it’s a shocking ending, sometimes it’s more poignant, often it’s a delightful mix of the two and always ~always ~ it’s an exhilarating bubbly blood bath.
Never an outright happy ending though, Miller characters don’t get the happy.
His readers sure the hell do though!!

I really feel like he’s got a great little mythology going on with these Clerics of Dolor, I can totally see them popping up in more Miller books, they are just too damn horrifically, sinfully fun to not play and slay around with.
He’s already jazzed (..jizzed) it up with a lot of depth and back story, I just didn’t go into it all.
Yeeea, I was doing a very lousy job at summarizing that part of the story, so I’ll just leave it to our main masochist to spread eagle lay it all out there.
But yes, a lot of story potential to tap into, they’ll show up again, most definite.
So, get them basement bound scantily clad minions of yours on double time Mr. Miller!
It would please this devoted fangirl. ๐Ÿ˜‰


You can buy the book here:

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