Getting even more personal with Toneye Eyenot

For anyone that doesn’t know Toneye Eyenot you are missing out on an amazing writer and a truly wonderful friend. I have loads of love and respect for him. He is a man of many talents but his passion for writing just blows me away. I have yet to read anything he has written that I didn’t like. Toneye is a lover of wolves and his Facebook family are his pack with lots of wolfbrothers and wolfsisters. Some of the best people I have ever met. He is always ready to help another author and lend a hand giving feed back or help with editing a story. My best advice is for you to make sure to pick up his books. It will not be a decision you will regret. Please help me welcome Toneye Eyenot  (my wolfbrother) back to Roadie Notes…….



1. It’s been awhile since we talked what new books do you have out now? Latest release?

Toneye: Hi, wolfsis, It has been! A whole year since our last little pow wow and in that year, eye have only released the before-mentioned Blood Moon Big Top, which was awaiting release last time we talked. That dreaded anthology addiction eye mentioned last time, and my resolve to curb it, failed miserably hahahaha. So, 2016 saw several more short stories released in a variety of anthologies, with a hefty handful still yet to be released. But speaking of anthologies, eye did release one which eye ran called Full Moon Slaughter through JEA Press. It was a massive undertaking which culminated in a near 400 page book, 35 authors with 37 ‘tails’ of lycanthropic madness in which eye was honoured to have the esteemed Sisters of Slaughter – Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason as our feature authors. It was a highlight of 2016 for me. It did really well on release and continues to be quite popular. So much so, that eye am now on the verge of closing the call on Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts. This one expands on the werewolf theme into the realms of Therianthropy, which is open to include a myriad of werebeasts. We have a wereoctopus, a werehedgehog, wereants, among many other strange and bizarre creations. There is also still a healthy dose of werewolf amongst the submissions as well. This one is gonna be a real killer!

2. If you could pick any author alive or dead to have lunch with who would it be? Why

Toneye: Oh, that’s easy! Why, Dawn Cano, the Baby Cooker, of korpse!! There’s the ‘who & why’ right there hahahaha!

3. What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done?

Toneye: Y’know, eye thought this one would be easy, but honestly, eye can’t come up with an answer. There’s probably hundreds of things, but eye myself am a little bit strange, so the strangest things everyone does are completely normal to me. Maybe this, from my fellow author and wolfbrother Matty-Bob Cash might qualify. He sent me this portrait of me and him hahahahaha


4. What is the one thing you dread to do when writing?

Toneye: Run out of coffee or lungrots. Eye always make sure eye have enough to get me through the night, after the shops are closed.

5. Did you have imaginary friends growing up? Tell me about them

Toneye: Didn’t we all? Mine was my favourite teddy bear. His name was Robot Teddy because he had pointy, square shoulders, and he used to talk to me. He told me he liked KISS, so one day eye got a black texta and gave him the Gene Simmons makeup. He didn’t like his ears either, so eye cut them off for him. He was very grateful.

6. Do you go to conventions? If not why?

Toneye: No, not yet. Despite my somewhat colourful online presence, in real life eye am a bit of a hermit. Just recently discovered a con here in Sydney, but it was after the fact. Maybe next year, or if eye find out about more in my area before they happen. Eye really should get out more. The conventions eye see on farcebook over in the U.S. and U.K. look like a lot of fun and a good way to meet other authors…maybe even score some new readers.

7. How many times did you have to submit your first story before it was accepted?

Toneye: Only once. Funny and ironic that the acceptance would be for a certain anthology which goes by the name of REJECTED For Content hahahaha.

8. Ever consider not writing? If so what made you continue?

Toneye: No, never. Been writing for over 27 years now, if you include poetry. Since 2011, writing stories has become my obsession. Although there were a couple of years, during a train-wreck of a relationship, that my writing suffered greatly. That’s why it took me 3 years to write The Scarlett Curse, but giving up was never an option. Married to my writing now and that works best for me eye think.

9. Ever thought about writing in a different category?

Toneye: Absolutely. That children’s story eye mentioned in our last interview…well, eye am still trying to find my inner 6-year-old haha. That one hasn’t made any progression, but it’s still on the cards.

10. Any new additions to the family?

Toneye: No. Still just the one son, who eye would kill and die for. My writing family continues to grow though J

11. What is coming up next for you?

Toneye: Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts is the next thing eye will be releasing with JEA Press. Then once eye clear my current commitments of anthology submissions, eye am steering clear of anthos altogether and getting Book 3 in The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series finished once and for all! It’s been far too long since Joshua’s Folly was released and eye have readers waiting to continue that journey. Eye have been a good wolf this year though and stuck to my guns. My problem is eye hate saying ‘No’ to people, but eye have turned down several invites to anthologies this year. Maybe there is hope for me yet hahaha. Eye have been involved in a massive and secret project for the past year though and that is nearing completion. All will be revealed with that very soon.

12. Do you do release parties? Do you think they work?

Toneye: Yes, eye have done a few. They are great and they do tend to work, despite Fuktbook making it difficult every step of the way. It’s not uncommon for event organisers and guest authors to be locked out of their own event because Fuktbook thinks they’re ‘going too fast’. If you’ve ever organized one, or even just been to one, you’ll know just how crazy they can get. ‘Going fast’ is the only way you can keep up, especially if you are hosting the event. Eye always come away from them mentally exhausted but eye love ‘em! J

13. Do you have crazy stalker fans? Have you ever had one you wish would go away?

Toneye: Yes hahaha, they’re ALL crazy! My kinda crazy, of korpse. They’re not all stalkers though. Eye do have a couple who get a bit freaked out and worried when eye disappear for more than a day, but they are special to me and eye love ‘em. They can stalk me for as long as they like hahaha.

14. Do you still have a “day job”? If so what do you do?

Toneye: No day job. Eye do help my brother out every now and then though, but that’s only very occasionally. Installing floors.

15. What is your process for writing? Do you have a voice in your head?

Toneye: First and foremost…COFFEE! Once that has been taken care of, eye might sit with my characters for a while and throw some ideas around until we can all come to some kind of agreement on which way the story will go. Depending on the story, the characters can either be a breeze to work with, or they can be real troublesome bastards. Take Marnard for instance. He came into The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series during book 2 – Joshua’s Folly. Eye like Marnard, we get on well and for the most part, he goes where eye tell him. Halfway through book 3 however, and the stupid kid goes n falls in love with some wolf girl in Mellowood Forest! Eye don’t write Romance, so this has thrown me a curve ball and caused me all kinds of distress. So to refer to your earlier question about writing in a different category, Marnard is forcing my hand to include a romantic element to my otherwise dark and horrifying story. Eye will be taking every step in keeping this element to a minimum, but yeah. To say eye am not impressed by his rampant teenage hormones is a massive understatement.

16. Is there a book you want to make a sequel to you haven’t yet?

Toneye: Yes! Book 3 in The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series hahaha. Book 2 being the prequel, this one really, REALLY needs to be finished.

Fangs so much for having me back, wolfsis! Eye hope eye have given you and the readers a little more insight into what makes me tick! As a treat, and a thank you, here’s a poem eye wanna share with you. It’s from Rejected For Content 3 by JEA Press and is my fave poem that eye have written so far. Enjoy, and until next time, Kopulater Desekraters!

Thank you Toneye for coming back and giving us an update! It is always a pleasure and honor my wolfbrother!!

Written by Toneye Eyenot
“Well, fuck me dead!” exclaimed poor Fred, the freshly dis-embodied head.
Rolling off the foot of the bed, he saw his body twitch.
“I shouldn’t care but this ain’t fair! You psychopathic bitch!”
As he hit the bedroom floor, his killer bolted for the door.
Her hatchet, bloody, in her claw. Her vengeance justly sated.
“You got what you rightly deserved and no more,” Dolores stated.
She swung the bedroom door ajar, ran from the house and to the car
as sirens sounded from afar. There had been some commotion.
She slammed the gears and threw the beast into a forward motion.
Tearing ‘round the corner wide, the car performs a sideways slide.
She near collects a passer-by, who hollers as he dives,
“My god, I can’t believe I’m still alive!”
Back in control, Dolores starts to breathe again. Her pounding heart now skips a beat,
beside her on the seat sits Fred…The freshly dis-embodied head.
“Hey Dolores, look at me! In killing me, you set me free!
Free to do most anything. I think I might just sing.”
His ghastly chords and horrid tones chilled poor Dolores to her bones.
She cast him from the window to the swiftly passing road.
Not a soul in sight, she was once again alone.
Shaken, Dolores speeds towards her home.
Once inside with bolted door, Dolores falls onto her floor.
On her homeward ride, she was terrified and stunned by what she saw.
Guess who rolls out from her bedroom door?
“Hey Dolores, fancy that! You threw me out, thought that was that.
Well, here I am to prove you wrong. How ‘bout another song?”
Dolores screamed and held her ears. Fred began his jests and jeers
in off, discordant baritones that rattled poor Dolores’ bones.
She hastily scrambled for the telephone.
“What is your emergency?” The voice enquired indifferently.
“Help me, please!” Dolores screamed. “He will not leave me be!
I’m on Flinder Street. Eleven sixty three. I don’t care how, just get here now.
You have to understand, he’s killing me!”
As sirens wailed, her sanity failed whilst Fred the dis-embodied head assailed.
He sang of times of happiness. Of times they’d felt their lives were blessed
with the truest love, through all things, would prevail.
His voice carried the agony of ripped and broken nails.
Bursting through her bolted door, reached the long arm of the law
and grabbed Dolores off the floor, her mind destroyed, in tatters.
Fred the dis-embodied head lay silently and surely dead.
Dolores’ bloody hands are all that matters.
Taken into custody, she was labelled with insanity.
Her life was spent in deep repent, never to be free.
Left without hope to atone, in her padded room alone,
with Fred, the dis-embodied head to keep her company.
© Toneye Eyenot 2014


You can connect with Toneye Eyenot here:

Twitter: @ToneyeEyenot



Some of Toneye Eyenot books:

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