Mr. Robespierre review by: Mandy Tyra

Must add this wonderful writer to my repeat hits list! This was a shiny, spooky little gem that deserves to not be so hidden.

Everyone kept whispering (or…chanting) in my ear about reading some of this Daniel Marc Chant chap and I’ve seen quite a few of his more popular titles popping about but I chose Mr. Robespierre first cause I’m just crazy for kitties. Just got a couple of kittens last fall and I was hoping this would also serve as an instructional guide, of sorts. They are rather mischievous, downright devilish, at oft-times.

Plus I love haunted house type stories, love them even more when they are unformulaic and add that weee bit of something special, this one being a cute furry feline at its creepy core, made this quite a unique and terrorific little tail, with a strong emotional focus that actually stays, focused.

Dom and Sandy and their daughter Chrissy are moving into an exquisite home, finally they are able to leave their cramped stifling council estates dump. This lovely family of 3 is moving on up.
To the deep south side…I dunno, but it ain’t a slice of real estate heaven that’s for sure!
Dom got a great deal, paid waaaay under market price. Well, there is always a reason for that…
YEP, the house has a bit of history.
Right after they move in, daddy and daughter are out in their overgrown, unkempt garden when a beautiful cat makes her acquaintance, she’s smitten and begs and pleads to keep him. Won’t take no for an answer actually, she neeeds that kitty….that kitty neeeeds her. Making a deal with her parents, they decide to let the girl keep the cat IF they can’t find his owner.
Awwwww and such a purty kitty he is, all fright-eyed and fury-tailed. :O

Strange sounds, foul smells, flickering lights, bumps in the night, all the standard ‘geeet ooout'(….uh yea, I’d already be gone) type occurrences. Paranormally pair that with messages written in the mirror, a little girl who is becoming a hollowed out shell of her cute vivacious self, and cat that purrs a little too much and awfully loud. Aaaand if all that wouldn’t be enough to freak you the hell out, add in the relentless vocalized assault of circa 80’s Madonna at any and all hours ~ ohhh the inhumane cruelty!
She’s the only thing that can drown out the cat’s purrs though ~ silver lining.
Confused, terrified, exhausted, and at their wit’s end, all of this sends Dom on an exploration quest to family tree map that house and what he finds chills him to the bone.
Lucky for them, one of his forum ‘heeelp uuus’ pleas doesn’t fall on deaf ears/eyes and a couple ~ late to the game ~ experts show up wanting to help. The stakes are high though and the clock is tick tocking off the wall.

Twists and turns galore and jump scares aplenty in this, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and then quickly retreated a few times.
It doesn’t go where you think it will, which made for some double take-slack jawed page turning.
The suspenseful build up and ~not so gentle~ release was spot-on, I got a strong Poltergeist (the original, of course) vibe from this, which is a GREAT thing.
YES, Chant captured that ominous and foreboding vibe very very well!
Set in mOdeon-day but with a tender (vittles) nostalgic 80’s touch.
The best decade in my honest opinion.

You really feel for this family as they discover that their most prized possession could easily become something elses prized catch if they don’t act fast.
Fantastic character development, this trio really tugs at your heartstrings.

And as for my cats, well…I think it’s unsafe to say that I am well and truly just shit outta luck. Simply Snookered.
I’ve made my litter box, now it’s time to lay in it….at least it’s virtually dust free. 😀

I will definitely be reading more from this talented writer, One Girl Army sounds really exciting.
“With nods to the gameplay of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and the altered reality of Requiem for a Dream, One Girl Army is a story of grit. It’s about one girl looking her enemies in the eye, and whispering “Come at me”.”
Oh WOW…that does sound absolutely amazing! I’d be willing to bet it’s another Chant page turner. ACES!!


You can buy the book here:

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