Sinister Scribblings by Matt Hickman

Matt Hickman wrote my book of the year for 2016 and well he may just do it again this year. This collection of short stories by Matt sure doesn’t disappoint in any way. From chills to thrills and blood guts and gore this has them all included. His writing flows so seamlessly that I just couldn’t put it down. I started reading at 10pm thinking ok I will read one or two stories before bed. When I looked at the clock again it was 4am and I was still reading. Having said that I sure don’t mind being kept up all night by a book this awesome!

There are 13 stories by Matt Hickman then some really amazing bonus stories in the back. One thing I have always loved is knowing where the stories came from or the ideas for them and he includes this information in the contents section and I might have bought a few more books. Well you know I did. The forward is written by the talented and much-loved Kyle Scott who like me loves Hickman’s stories. Another thing I love about Matt is that not only is he a brilliant writer he also loves and helps his brothers and sisters in the book world. Be it a kind word or helping them edit a story. These guys have always amazed me at how they love and support one another. Truly heartwarming.

Now trying to decide which story was my favorite proved to be quite the challenge since I loved them all for different reasons. In the end Stag Night won my heart. It takes place in an abandoned asylum and is filled with blood and gore. Just like I like it. Now I’m not telling too much because it will ruin your reading the story for yourself.

The story that bothered me or scared me the most was The Woods. I have always been afraid of the dark. People tell me it’s not the dark I’m afraid of but the things I can’t see in the dark and I guess that is true. This story is about a young woman who has had a traumatic experience and after a long time of therapy gone to meet a friend at her cabin on the lake. A huge storm rolls in right after she gets there and delays her friend getting there when she said she would. The power goes out and cell service is absent sending her into a panic. Is there a reason to panic? I will never tell. Read the book!!!

I think that I would like to see Matt take most of these stories and make them longer and finish some of them…. well that’s not true I know I would! Some of them are cliff hangers or let you decide the ending but I like that too. Another thing I loved was there are some very familiar names in this book. But I won’t tell who or what story. See how many of them you know! needless to say I’m excitedly waiting to read the next Matt Hickman book. Partly because it is called Becky but more so because it follows his very first novel Jeremy. That is coming soon so be ready!

One last thing…. I would put Matt Hickman up against any writer I have read his stories are that good. He is going to go places mark my words!



You can buy Sinister Scribblings here: 

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