Maniacs with Knives: Unapologetic Horror review by: Mandy Tyra

Holy Hell Hupp….I agree with the consensus, you really are a sick pup. Downright rabid but oh so cute, and in need of a good home. Awwww puppy dog eyes, gets ya every time.
So yes, I flat-out LOVED THIS!

It’s been too damn long since I’ve cozied up to some Hupp and right from the top…My God, that warning disclaimer love letter to his readers…..”Fuck You”, no…fuck me….yea, we’re all just fucked and it feels pretty damn good.
There are way too many sensitive people out there who get offended at a bit of gleeful and demented fun so writers are having to get super inventive to avoid unfair/unwarranted bad reviews from said pansies.
A simple ‘WARNING EXTREME CONTENT’ banner in big bold letters across the cover just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.
I know that some readers are just more sensitive and that’s all A-OK, just don’t read anything with any sort of warning label then.
Personally, I ain’t the least little bit peevish, it takes a lot to trigger flip me into my ‘find a happy place’ corner. As long as the story is strong, I’m down for any sort of shock and awe/stomach churning hellish ride and this story was STRONG.
Roid Rage Strong.

That is a perfect title too, Maniacs with Knives: Unapologetic Horror. Simple and to the point, you know exactly what you’re getting into. If not, fuck off, you’re dumb.
SORRY, Hupp rubbed off on me. He’s a rubber. 😛

I do have to admit though, I was a bit hesitant about starting a new Hupp serial caaaause I’m still waiting on his Shaun Hupp Collection Volume 2, which was a jaw dropping favorite read from last year. The way he grouped all those previously released short stories together with a weaving wrap-around tale was ingenious. And seamless.
Not to mention another episode of Valentine Rodgers, that bumbling self-professed/obsessed private dick(wad)/umbrella peddler. Just hysterical!
Yea, this guy can do the most eye-bulging brutal horror then flip that tripled sided coin of his, and hilarious slapstick satire ensues…ensnares.
Ohhhh, I’ve tried holding my breath in defiance for more Valentine but the blue hue clashes with my rosy cheeks.
I WANT MOOORE!! Damnittt….

So, you got knife wielding maniacs and their marks.
Simply as that, buuuut its not so simple, it’s actually quite complex in it’s execution…like some kind of comfy double flesh padded corpse quilt he looms with the most tenderest loving care.

~ We got the artistic maniac with his eye on a masterpiece.
~ The seasoned/semi retired maniac who feels entitled to some bragging homage retrospect.
~ The sudden snap psyche maniac whose repression is feeling a bit cagey.
~ The brooding, towering Leatherface-esque maniac who pawn stacks his duress board.
ALL of whom take very different terror tactics to accomplish their #sliceoflifegoals.
Some of their marks are down before the fight or flee has time to register and some of them are spry and just sly enough to post-initiate a little cat and mouse play.

It may all seem random and aimless but it’s quite targeted, with dead-on precision.
I love how it all bleeeeds together to form a big ole plot clot, requiring more than just a bacitracin’d up bandaid, that’s for damn sure!

These are the best kinds of stories and I’ve only come across a handful of new authors who are able to pull it off and pull it off well ~ yea…pull that steel wool over our eyes!!

Some books I can pretty easily give a spoiler free, thorough plot run down but there are some books, some books, that…I just don’t wanna. This one definitely works best knowing very little beforehand.

Ok so, if you pair this story alongside his Volume 1 collection, I’ve come to the conclusion that Shaun’s niche is the weave. I’m a beweaver. These 3rd act holy shit (No Way!) reveals, but then when you go back and reread it, the shadowing was foremidable….he perfectly overcasts his stratospherically written skies in a hot peppered laced fog.
It’s all there, even if he is quite undeniably…not.

Shaun NEEDS to write more, he’s a natural. Gots appropriately hasmet labeled bucket fulls of charm, charisma, and repulsion, in unbalanced yet equal parts.
But I hear he has one of them debilitatingly life draining full-time day jobs and that’s bound to stifle that ripe and raw writer mindset.
Plus about half a dozen kids to cramp and crimp that wild and smooth style of his.
Totally understandable, we just…get what we get and don’t throw a fit. Got it!
Ooor maybe he just needs to delegate and procrastinate with all of the above better.
So start spawning more unapologetically graphic gooey goodness.
Your fields are obviously fertile. 😛

And YES, we are supposed to be getting another Maniacs with Knives in June, next month.
Little teaser epilogue sets it up perfectly to go in a totally new cutthroat direction. AWESOME!!


You can buy the book here: 


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