Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Gwendy’s Button Box is an amazing story written by two super talented authors. Never while reading this could I tell who wrote what part. It flowed absolutely seamlessly. I can’t say enough how highly I recommend this book! I am so glad I own a copy because this is a keeper and one to be read again and again.

The story starts with young Gwendy. She is at the local park and walking around after running the suicide stairs. She is a plump little girl and some of the kids are mean to her and have given her the nickname Goodyear. She is determined to lose weight. As she is walking around an older man sitting on the bench nearby calls for her to come over. She is wary of him because she has been taught not to talk to strangers. After speaking to him a few minutes she finally relents and sits down next to him. He tells her he has been watching her and has something that belongs to her. She is excited but also confused by this. The man reaches into his brown leather bag and pulls out a beautiful wooden box with buttons on the top and a lever on each end. He explains to her that if she pulls the right one with her pinky then the most delicious chocolate she has ever eaten will fall out. She tells him she is on a diet and he assures her that this will help her not to be so hungry. She pulls the lever as he asks and a small but beautiful chocolate animal comes out. She pops it in her mouth and he is right it is the best ever. So what does the other lever do? He tells her to pull it and out comes a uncirculated silver dollar. She takes it and tries to give it back to him but he tells her it belongs to her. She puts it in her pocket. He explains the buttons on the top and how they are used then wishes her well and walks off toward the suicide stairs. She runs over to ask him something and he is gone the only thing she sees is his black hat rolling around on a landing half way down. She takes the box and heads for home. She has to hide it and never let anyone see it because that is what he told her. So I’m going to stop here and not tell you much more because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone! This is a coming of age story at its finest. You will fall in love with Gwendy and want to protect her on her journey. Does she ever see the man again? What do the buttons do? What happens to Gwendy? Read it and find out it is well worth it.

This book has interior illustrations and they are absolutely magnificent. I love it when there are a few pictures in a book. Especially when it looks like what I think it should in my head. Needless to say th artists are super talented.

This book is a gem! If someone asked me how many stars I would give it out of 5 I would have to say 50. Very nicely done but that is no surprise coming from Cemetery Dance they make such beautiful book. I don’t know how many times I have said I would love to go live in their warehouse.

Please get the book, read it, tell your friends and family about it and please please please leave a review!



You can buy the book here:

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