Becoming by Glenn Rolfe

Ok, I know that I say this a lot but damn it I didn’t want this book to end! Absolutely a nail-biting, twisting and turning, gut wrenching amazing book! Glenn Rolfe has out done himself with this one. I will be the first one to say that when you find a good book you want to tell the world…I FOUND A GOOD BOOK IN THIS ONE! When I was done reading the story I was walking around my house mumbling I’m gonna kick his ass! The reason? I wanted more! I didn’t want the story to stop!

The book, there are several different story lines that all come together into a wild and almost crazy ending. The first part starts with a girl and boy in the woods by the lake. They are friends and just hanging out. The boy noticed something shiny and bends down and picked it up, big mistake. They are looking at it when all of a sudden he starts screaming for her to get it off him. She tries but it won’t come off. She drags him to the edge of the lake and puts his hand in the water to wash the green thing off except it doesn’t come off. Something in the lake grabs him and drags him in, she sees lots of the green shiny things and runs home. Of course she tells her mom and dad but they don’t believe her. The towns folk go searching for him but he is not found.

The next part is a guy that lives by the lake. He takes care of his mean, sick and dying father. He goes to the lake and sees a beautiful woman in the water. Mesmerized he falls in and feels the lake consume him. Several hours later he wakes up in the yard. He is different and can feel that something isn’t quite right. He is becoming…..

The entire town gets involved in this story. It is a full on contact book that will leave you turning pages and refusing to put it down! I never saw the ending….do the good guys win or will they all become? You know I will never tell! Read the book…you will love it! Glenn Rolfe never fails to write an amazing story and this one did not disappoint me in any way. Thank you Mr. Rolfe for another grand adventure. Have to admit that is one town that is not on my bucket list to visit!



You can buy the book here:


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