Getting even more personal with Iain Rob Wright

I have mentioned this several times before but Iain Rob Wright is one of my longest time friends on Facebook. His book Housemates started my love of the Indie Authors. I read that book and was amazed. When I read about the author in the back I saw that it had listed he was on Facebook. I was very new to Facebook then but I thought what the heck I’m gonna message this man and tell him just how much I loved his book. When he responded I nearly passed out. We talked for a while and he told me he had just brought his first baby and wife home. How exciting! I asked him what other books he had written and he patiently told me how to look on Amazon and find all his titles. It didn’t take me long before I had every one of his books and was reading them non-stop. I don’t think there is anything he has written that I haven’t read and didn’t love. This mans talent is mind numbing. When I got done reading them all he suggested I try Matt Shaw and the dive into the dark horror began. Amazon was recommending I read Jeff Menapace  and loved him too. Then on and on. I can imagine someone having not read a book by Iain Rob Wright but if you haven’t you must! I can’t tell you enough how amazing his books are and all so different. I will hush now… please help me welcome again Iain Rob Wright to Roadie Notes……



1. It’s been awhile since we talked what new books do you have out now? Latest release?

Hi, and thanks for having me back. My newest release is Extinction, which should be out at the time of this posting. It is book 3 in my bestselling Hell on Earth series and probably one of the funnest books I’ve ever written. It brings together many of my books in a really satisfying way.

2. If you could pick any author alive or dead to have lunch with who would it be? Why?

Stephen King, as I would love to learn from the master himself. Also, I like his laid back manner and love of family.

3. What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done?

Nothing really. My fans are all really normal people. I’ve had a couple try to face time me through the Facebook Messenger app “because they were feeling low” but unfortunately I draw a line at unsolicited calls like that, and I’m also not a therapist.

4. What is the one thing you dread to do when writing?

Waste time. I am very lazy by nature and I can sometimes spend an entire day doing very little. I have to be self-motivated so being unproductive is my biggest fear and I beat myself up if I don’t work hard.

5. Did you have imaginary friends growing up? Tell me about them

No, I really never did. As an adult, I don’t have any friends, imaginary or otherwise.

6. Do you go to conventions? If not why?

Not often as I don’t like being away from home. When my kids are a bit older, I may start to make more appearances. They are a lot of work and usually cost money rather than make any. Having said that, when I am there I have a lot of fun.

7. How many times did you have to submit your first story before it was accepted?
Once! I submitted it to KDP and it was on sale in 24 hours, allowing me to quit my day job. I don’t need a publisher to accept my stories. Only my readers need to accept my stories

8. Ever consider not writing? If so what made you continue?

I consider it a lot as it is very up and down financially, which can be a stress. The truth is, though, I don’t know if I could ever do anything else. It’s a dream job and I should never forget that. This is who I am now, and there’s no going back!

9. Ever thought about writing in a different category?

I already do – Thrillers, horrors, and fantasy. I might add more later down the line. I would like to write something akin to Game of Thrones.

10. Any new additions to the family?

Little Molly Mae entered the world on September 21st 2017! She has red hair and blue eyes, which was a shock.

11. What is coming up next for you?

I am spending the summer updating my online self-publishing course——but next year I will be exclusively writing and getting out more new books than ever.

12. Do you do release parties? Do you think they work?

No I don’t, and no I don’t. A mailing list with lots of people on it is the best way to launch a book. Email is old, but it is still king.

13. Do you have crazy stalker fans? Have you ever had one you wish would go away?
No, not a single one. Maybe I still have work to do. I think my fans know that my loyalties are at home and I’m not willing to be drawn away for any reason or cross any lines. I love my fans, but I am careful.

14. Do you still have a “day job” ? If so what do you do?

Haven’t had a day job since I released my first book 6 years ago. I’m truly blessed.

15. What is your process for writing? Do you have a voice in your head?

No, I see movies in my head, usually at night when I am in bed. I daydream my stories into being.

16. Is there a book you want to make a sequel to you haven’t yet?

I would like to write a follow-up to Wings of Sorrow, but it didn’t sell very well. When I want to write a book for personal reasons—one that might not make much money—then I have to weigh things up and time it for a period where I can afford a dip in sales. Therefore, I will probably write a sequel to Wings of Sorrow some day.


You can connect with Iain Rob Wright here:


Twitter: @IainRobWright




Some of Iain Rob Wright’s books:

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