In Remembrance of Christy Thornbrugh

Christy Thornbrugh was my best friend, my sister and the missing piece of my soul. Anyone that knew her longer than 5 seconds loved her. She had the warmest heart and the best hugs. We became friends on Facebook and soon after decided that we just had to meet. I’m so glad we did. They came to my home in Southern Indiana to stay over night on the way to Scares That Cares last year. It was a house full. Christy, Steve, Aliyah and Jazz, Holly and her daughter Valerie and two other friends of Aliyah’s. What a car full that was. When the car pulled up someone ran to the front door and pressed their face against the window tapping their fingers on the glass. I looked up and giggled it was Christy. She flung open the door and ran straight across the room to the recliner I was sitting in and climbed in with me. We just hugged each other and hung on for dear life. I had met the other half of me. Someone so like me it was scary. She was the good side of this duo. Her golden heart showed in everything she did. Her love of the Indie Authors and her love of making embroidery patches for them about their books was paramount to none. She loved most everyone unless they gave her a reason not to. She was selfless, kind loving, a devoted mother, wife and friend. She was there through some really dark times for me and I for her. There wasn’t anything we didn’t talk about. She trusted me with her kids something she valued more than her life and knew I would never let anything happen to them because I love them like she did. They are smart, strong and talented you ladies because of her and she was so proud of them. I am too. The night she had the aneurysm changed all of our lives forever. Nothing would be the same. Steve lost his wife, the girls their mother, me my other half, friends a sister and confidant, the Indi world lost a true supporter. My world will never be the same and neither will theirs but we are better people for knowing her and loving her and her loving us. I can’t tell you how much she loved each and every one of you.

Attached are some of the pictures we would send back and forth to each other so it’s kinda her life in the last year in pictures. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I tried to think of a better way to honor her memory but this seemed very appropriate since this blog is for the Indie Authors and she was a huge part of our community.



8 thoughts on “In Remembrance of Christy Thornbrugh

  1. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures for a beautiful soul. and what a beautiful friendship. My prayers to you, her girls and all her family and friends


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