Boy’s Night by: Wrath James White and Matt Shaw

First off let me say that Wrath James White is a master in extreme horror. Then you add Matt Shaw and you have a combination that just can’t miss. This book is a prime example of how you can take two amazing writers and let them loose and what a story they come up with. You will not be sorry you read this I promise.

This book started out on Amazon and well we all know how Amazon can be so they banned it and I believe it was because of the cover. I’m not sure why I think the cover is perfect and it’s not morbid or obscene. Matt put it for sale on his website and Etsy store but before long Amazon pulled their heads out of their butts and back it went on Amazon. Hopefully that is the last of the Amazon issues for them and their books.

This story starts off with a woman who is a feminist and blogger who pushed and advocates for women’s rights with a passion. She has broken up with her girlfriend recently and has moved out to the middle of nowhere. She recieves death threats almost daily and tons of hate mail. She laughs it off and continues on her daily tasks.

Then we meet the boys. There are 4 of them and they are a rough bunch. They have been out at the bar and see a pretty lady leaving and start to follow her. They make cat calls and she walks faster to her car. They follow and she gets increasingly more scared and nervous. She reaches in her purse and grabs a can of mace. She sprays on the the guys and he pretty much just laughs at her. One of them punches her and out like a light she goes. They grab her and throw her in their car. I will leave to your imagination what they want with her and what happens to her.

The rest of the story you will have to read for your self but I will tell you they meet the feminist and they all get what is coming to them or do they? I will never tell!

This is a don’t miss book and I sure hope that they team up together again to write another one or 20. You can buy the book st the link below…….




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