Welcome To Paradise: A Brutal Love Story by Glenn Rolfe

I LOVED THIS!!!! This short story really packs a punch. In fact I might have read it twice just so if I missed something I would catch it a second time. I enjoyed it as much the second time as I did the first and that is saying something for me. I rarely get to read the same thing twice and when I do it just shows how awesome the story really was.

It is no secret that Glenn Rolfe can write. He can make you cringe, cry and cower in the corner. I love his writing and if I could write well I would definitely want to write like he does. When you read one of his books you become immersed and the world melts away. That is my kind of reading. Needless to say this short is just the same and I wondered if it would be since it wasn’t a novel. I will tell you that the title is correct it is brutal but oh so so good. You really really want to read this. Now I only have one request for him…… please write another, maybe a follow-up story?? Please……

This story starts out with a woman staying at a seedy hotel. She is getting dressed to go out and find a man. Go out and find a man? Yes! Read the story. She leaves her room and walks across the parking lot to the dinner across the street. It has snowed and you can hear the crunch of her footsteps. She has been staying here for a while and the owner of the dinner calls her by name as she enters. They talk for a few minutes then she orders food. He goes to the kitchen to cook her order as a man enters. The owner calls out that he will be with him shortly and the man tells him to cook what the lady is having. The woman and man start talking and that is the start of all hell breaking loose. After they eat they go back to her hotel room and that is as much as I will tell you. READ THE BOOK!

This is one of those stories that you will remember and will want more of trust me. After you read this one you will be hooked on Glenn’s writing and will want to read everything he has written and I highly recommend you do just that. This story is available on Amazon. After you read it don’t forget to leave a review it is so important for the author. Thank you Glenn Rolfe for writing this one it was simply put AWESOME!!


You can pick up your copy here:


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