SICK HOUSE by Jeff Strand

Holy crap and I do mean WOAH! Jeff Strand has outdone himself with this one. He sent me this for review and I started reading it thinking I will read some then go to bed. Haha! Right……I looked up and it was 4am. I also realized that at different points I was sitting here reading with my mouth hanging open and not breathing. Yes, honestly it is this good. I can not express how blown away I am over this book. I know it’s only January but this could easily be my book of the year. I also will say this is one I will read again. I highly recommend you read this, you will not regret it. So after I read it I spoke with him and he showed me the cover. Again, I said Holy Crap! It is absolutely perfect I can’t think of anything that would have made this cover any better at all. Mr. Strand my hat is off to you and this book, I LOVE IT!!


So….. I will tell you a little about this amazing book.

The story starts off with a man who works in a factory. He gets yelled at by his boss to get in the office. When he goes in the boss tells him that he has gotten a promotion and will be at another plant starting Monday. This is great news for him and his family as they have struggled. He gets pizza and takes it home to his wife and two young daughters. He finally breaks the news that he got a promotion and that the girls will each have a bedroom. They are very excited. He goes to the new job and has to stay at a hotel because  it is too far to drive back and forth. While he is there he looks for a house to rent. He isn’t having much luck finding one in their price range or a good neighborhood. He is on his last day when he finds the perfect place. Or is it?

Now, there is another story line running while this is all happening. A bad man has been hired to do a hit as in murder. He is told to make it bad with a funny twist. He gets his two other buddies and they start staking out the victim’s house. He keeps thinking that something isn’t right but they go through with it anyway. They have a wonderful time brutalizing the victim and they can’t figure out what is wrong with them. Several days later they feel very guilty and decide to go back to the house. Was this smart? Were they forgiven?

Now this is where I break your heart and tell you that you must read the book. I can’t tell you more. Well I can but I will not. This has so many great twists and turns it will blow your mind. I dare you to read this book then turn the light out and go to bed! Let me know how that works for you! You will love this and if this happens to be your first Jeff Strand book I can promise it won’t be your last!

The book is available on Amazon tomorrow! Make sure to pick up a copy and leave a review!


You can visit Jeff Strands page on Amazon here:

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