What Lies Within by: Jason Parent

Wow!! This is absolutely amazing! There is no doubt that Jason Parent can tell a story but this had me creeped out totally! I couldn’t stop reading it and there was no putting it down. This one will suck you in, chew you up and spit you out begging for more.

Now all that said…..

There are several different story lines all going on at the same time.

The opener of the book is two kids playing hide and seek in the woods. A younger brother and his sister. They have played this game many times before. The sister is looking for her brother. When she finds him he is just standing there with his back to her. She calls to him but he doesn’t answer. Why? What has he found?

The next part starts off with a data entry clerk named Clive. He is just the average guy in a dead-end job but seems pretty content. He is out kayaking with his long time friend Morgan who is sometimes his friend with benefits. They are out on a lake and go to the far end. Clive shows her where the lake ends under an old rickety bridge. He decides to go under it but it is covered with thick spider webs. Being a show off he takes his oar and knocks them down. In the process his kayak overturns and he is dumped in the cold nasty water. When he comes back up his ear is clogged with water. He can’t seem to get it out. They figure that it will leak out overnight. Will it go away? Is it water?

He has a very odd roommate that doesn’t really speak much and always has his door locked. Clive’s brother and niece come over to watch the football game and his niece, Victoria, finds a big spider in his bathroom. She is very smart for her age and knows what kind of spider it is but it kinda freaks out her uncle and dad. She takes the spider outside and lets it go.

The next day Clive starts hearing things. First it is just noise. It drives him crazy and he goes to see a doctor. Do they fix it? What is it?

Now another story line is there is a bomber running loose in the city. The police are hot on his tail. The head detective is a beautiful lady who has an ice-cold heart and is no-nonsense. Does she find the bomber?

How these stories all merge together perfectly. Seamless reading and perfect imagery. Jason Parent really has a creative mind. I also hoping that he writes a sequel. I would love to see where he takes us next. I highly recommend reading this book. You will want to tell your friends, family and scream it from the roof tops. Don’t miss the chance to read this amazing story.

You can pick up the book here:


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