100 Word Horrors by Kevin J. Kennedy / Review by Mandy Tyra

AWESOME, I enjoyed this waaaay more than I thought I would!
Such an interesting little (very little) concept, I had never read this kind of style before.
I battled, and very nearly broke, myself with this review because for the past two years, ALL of my anthology/collection reviews are a run through of each story, in order, as well as my extra subjective opinions, plus a fair bit of gibberish.
Well, there are 110 tiny tales in this… O-o ….
Yeeea, my rambles would be longer than their drabbles, no doubt about that.
So, I popped a couple Xanax and changed up my style, a bit.

This was a fun and unique approach to flash-fiction storytelling, perfect for when you are waiting in line, stuck at a train, or in the bathroom on personal business.
I always enjoy Kevin’s anthologies, they’ve been holiday themed short story collections so far, involving some of the most talented new, and old-er, writers in the biz.
But this go round, he feng shui-ed the hell outta the format, delivering something very outside-of-the-box, and very entertaining.

I really admire all the writers restraint here, 71 of them took on the challenge, some even brave enough for multiple entries.
It’s A LOT harder than it looks!
I attempted to try it but I know, and accept, my limitations.
They have to have a great opening line, set up a premise, go in some sort of direction, and have an amazing closing line….all in exactly 100 words! Whew..
So every word has to count ~ HA quite literally but that’s not what I mean.
And being able to add in a throat punch twist, well, that’s just a little bonus stroke of genius right there.

Ok, so, I have a fabulous idea for the next edition, let’s jump it to 300 words, call it a trabble.
But here’s the kicker; it would have to be these same writers, expanding on the these same tales, picking up right (or write) where they left off. Ehhhh….
Of course they can utilize flashback to set up a bit of backstory, I’m not some sort of monster.
And the poems get a pass, that’d just be cruel. Instead, the poets could write a couple companion poems, of exactly 100 words, again. That sounds fair, right??
There are a whole bunch of these tales that have such full-on short story potential and I craved more.
However, I do have to admit that a sizeable chunk were actually flat-out perfect as is, but I’m a glutton, always wanting moooore.
And if I am being honest, a fair few of them did fall flat for me but that’s bound to happen with so many and those are probably the ones that would thrive from the trabble treatment, to flesh them out a bit. 😀 😀

So, I give this creative collection 4.5 stars rounded UP to 5, cause I don’t go down.
That came out wrong.

And Jesus Christ, I simply can NOT believe it’s only a $1.40!?! Really, a whole buck-forty…
W O W….netting that kind of profit all the authors involved could like, share a variety pack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum or something. Taking turns, of course, so definitely not anything which loses flavor fast, like Juicy Fruit.

Candid Confession: Before I posted, I actually had to force myself to practically disembowel this review when I noticed I was absent-mindedly yakking up a rave for some of the real jaw dropper stories, which led to a few more of my favs, and more, and more….
O-o…I was spiraling out of control.
I really reeeally do admire all the writers restraint and since mine is down-right non-existent, I had no choice but to just zap the whole lot of them from any, and all, casual commentary. :`(
No Title Left Behind, that’s my credo.
I’m weak. I fall too hard and go too deep. Cold turkey was my only option.
*pops another Xanax*

So, just buy the damn bookI’ve been through so much
It’s one hell of a good-time read!!!  😉



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