Getting personal with S.C. Burke

“  I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a youth shrouded in perpetual 80s themes, cartoons, toys, comic books, and most importantly- film. I studied film well into my 20’s, hoping to have a career writing or directing. However, my attention kept fall to writing, mainly experimental prose, something that slowly seeped into everything I did. So, it was then that I decided to devote myself entirely to the art of words.  This was the birth of NihilismRevised – an independent literary collective of underground writers, all coming together to create books in basements, then distributing our labors at live readings and street corners. After several years, the collective went their own ways in life, and I decided to take NihilismRevised out to the world to see if we could publish collectively on the world’s platform.”
Please welcome SC Burke to Roadie Notes………
1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
I feel like I’ve been creating stories my whole life – but I distinctly remember around age 10, I set out to create a comic-book character – by the name of Milton – and the first thing I would do before drawing the panels was create a small plot for each adventure. I’m pretty sure the inspiration was Bart Simpson, as all I ever did with the character of Miltonwe’re acts of deviance. He was nothing more than a social misfit.
2. How many books have you written?
Officially, I have 2 book lurking amongst us. Most recently The Weird: A Strange Novella, and id Cancer, both being transgressive/experimental stories.
3. Anything you won’t write about?
Ultimately, no. Absolutely not. There are no limitations in the art we create – it’s why we do what we do. Though, I tend to find anything that spreads the ignorance and idiocy of hatred to be incredibly disposable – like a human without a soul, it has no point or place.
4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…
I am 32 years old. Not married, though I can safely say my soul is spoken for. One child, my son: Vincent Hadrian. I do art/design, as well as directing the publishing label NihilismRevised with my partner-in-crime Zak A. Ferguson.
5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
As far as favorites for my own personal works, I’d have to say the favorite lies with a book called 1985: A Neon-Drenched Novel. I have yet to publish the book at this point, though it is currently my main focus, and I’m hoping to have it out in 2018. The story is without a doubt my most personaland precious piece.
6. Who or what inspired you to write?
While inspiration is something I take from almost anywhere and everywhere, there are two that have impacted my psyche with an imprint that’ll never disappear. The first being the book Helter Sketler, a true-crime novel documenting the Manson family murders. I went through a phase in my youth where reading was the last thing I wanted to be doing, and it was reflecting. So, I spent about 3 hours in a Barnes and Noble bookstore, browsing, my mom surging with stress to the point it was tearing up in her eyes. Once the struggle was over, I read the book for an English class report. The paper had received a great grade – an A, though it also earned me a suspension from school, due to its content. This moment taught me the power of words, and even more the power of fear towards intellectualized horrors. The second biggest influence comes in the form of William S. Burroughs, a writer that will never stop educating. This is where I learned there are no limitations to art or creativity – the literary structure, like any other, is meant to be torn down and rebuilt upon. And most importantly – “Exterminate all rational thought.”
7. What do you like to do for fun?
Sex. Film. Music. In no particular order. Just as long as they’re constant while not in the throes of creating and living like a regular human-being.
8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?


Smoke something sweet and serenading to the soul, while listening to Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer albums back-to-back. Always.
9. Where do you write? Quiet or music?
I’ve grown used to writing anywhere I can set up my laptop and just GO. Though I am absolutely incapable of writing in the presence of others. It’s something I must do entirely alone. Music is always key as well – practically required. I can only listen to instrumental tunes, as I find voices and vocals to be rather intrusive.
10. Anything you would change about your writing?
Absolutely everything, always. Writing is a never-ending process of evolution – of the mind, the soul, and existence as an artist. I think it’s safe to say all writers live in pursuit of that one perfect sentence.
11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
I don’t really think it’s my position to dream in the face of fame. I’m not that big, nor will I ever care about anything that it comes with. As a kid, it was my dream to be big enough to make art that affects the soul absolutely – it’s a dream I’ll die without achieving, and that’s profoundly perfect, as nobody should ever truly achieve their dreams. Without them, what is the point of existence?
12. Where do you live?

 Salt Lake City, Utah is where I currently call home.

13. Pets?
My friend Krieger. A miniature pincher.
14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
Society and the human-psyche, or the lack of. Documenting decadence and degradation. Our existence in the Cosmos, amongst the Stars and the Universe.
15. What is coming next for you?
Firstly, I am working alongside a full line-up of insanely talented writers to make an anthology called Strange Behaviors: An Anthology of Absolute Luridity. After that, I am hoping to settle all loose ends on the aforementioned book 1985: A Neon-Drenched Novel, and get it released to the world.
16. Where do you get your ideas?
Waiting. Watching. Being an audience member to this fucked-up wonder we call Earth.


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