South Southwest Wales by David Owain Hughes

Now, it is no secret that I love David’s writing. His stories are absolutely amazing. Most all of what he has written has been horror. There was one previously that was one of my favorites and still is that was not horror. He will scream when I say it was one of the best he has written. That book is Collision Course. I also have a copy of it in my bookshelf. That being said this book definitely shows that David can write in any genre he wants to dive into. That folks take true talent. Trust me you want to read this book. It is a real barn burner. Don’t wait…. go get it right now.


The story starts with a washed up detective named Sampson Valentine. He use to be the best of the best until booze got ahold of him. He is twice widowed he find himself embroiled with the mob in a hair-raising battle of wits, twist and plenty of real gut wrenching gun fights. There is never a dull moment in this book.

This story is set perfectly in the 1940’s. The vivid descriptions will pull you right into the story and you will not want to put it down. I didn’t. I read this in one sitting and didn’t even answer the phone.

The characters, like all of them in David’s books, are full and you come to love some of them and even feel like you know them. The entire feel of this book is brilliant. I don’t care if you like crime novels or not you will absolutely love this. The bad guys in the story will make you cringe and want to hide. They are evil and you feel this with every word you read.

There honestly isn’t anything negative I can say about this book except it ended. Of course that just means that it was good.

Im always afraid to say to much about the story line for fear that I will ruin the experience for another reader but trust me when I say get this book! Thank you David for another awesome read! Here’s to many more my friend!

In my humble opinion David has a real winner here!


You can buy the book here: 

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