Texas Schlock by Bret McCormick


Usually used in reference to movies/music/art.

1. Crap

2. Of very poor quality, esp. as a result of being made with insufficient funds or too quickly.

Who was depraved enough to come up with this schlock?

B-Horror movies



This is my first exposure to Bret McCormick and definately not my last! This book is big and beautiful. So well put together. The tales about the movies inside are some of the best I have read in a long time. I can’t say enough that you want to read this! You need this book in your life. I had no clue that Texas contained so much talent but I sure am thrilled to know. Bret McCormick where have you been all my life? Seriously…..

There are 15 stories in this anthology and not a one of them are bad. They are informative and totally entertaining. Well written and I truly learned a lot that I didn’t know. They each deal with a different movie and the writer tells about making it and the cast and characters. Following this there is an interview and questions asked. As a blogger and interviewer I always enjoy seeing what people ask and the responses the writers give. While reading this I giggled, and cringed. I am a huge fan of horror as everyone knows and love a good movie. I have added a few that I have not seen to my now incredibly long list of things I want to do.

There is no doubt about it that writers do what they do for the pure love of it and not for the money or fame. I have nothing but love and respect for these men and women and they just amaze me with their talent and passion for what they do.

While I don’t want to elaborate on the contents of the book too much I do want to express how much I loved every word and I highly recommend it to any horror lover, movie buff or creative. You will be delighted with it!


You can pick up a copy here: 


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