****Gripping and totally Enthralling****


The bus driver started laughing – a high-pitched cackle that pierced my ears – just as laughter burst through my phone. I looked toward the driver, he was leaning over, twisting back to face me, his mouth stretched open to a wide smile. His laughter grew louder for a second or two and then stopped. “Where are you going Mike?” He said, his voice coming from the phone as well. I dropped it.

He stood up, his limbs stretching and growing, popping and cracking. His head crunched against the roof as the tips of his fingers brushed the floor. I slid out of my seat, took a step back. “Tiana, get up!”

She looked up at me, blinked, then noticed the driver, a gasp catching in her throat. The bus began to slow down. She slid out of the seat and shuffled around me. The other passengers had noticed and stood up as well. I grabbed my work knife, its short blade practically useless.

We started backing away as the bus slowed to a crawl, the people in the back yelling about the door. They were trying to pry it open. The driver took a couple stuttered steps forward, his lower jaw sinking halfway down his chest, spikes of teeth littering the gaping maw.


About the Author: 

Nicholas Catron is a writer of fiction and poetry. He resides in the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys rainy weather, fog and low hanging clouds. You can find his short fiction and poetry published in multiple published anthologies. He has a wife and three kids who do their best to keep him from writing.


What readers are saying: 

Just like with The Spaces Between, Nicholas Catron delivers another wonderful story here with And So It Began. The story has a dreamlike quality to it, a stylistic prose I cannot put my finger on, but it is so thoroughly enjoyable to read that I simply MUST mention it. Only here, it’s a nightmare.

At once captivating, puzzling, intriguing, and terrifying, this tale of the dawn of the apocalypse hits all the right notes. The prose is liquid, the dialogue perfect, the characters surprisingly well-developed for such a short piece, and the final scene is an absolute gut-punch. This is a powerful story, and wholly unique despite its premise. This kind of tale hasn’t been done in quite this way before, at least to my knowledge, and it drew me in with its singularity.

Anyone who enjoys horror NEEDS to get this story. You do yourself a disservice in skipping, and it’s well worth the meager price. It’s worth three or four times this, perhaps more, and I honestly can’t think of a crowd I WOULDN’T recommend this book to. Maybe blue-haired old ladies who like their books cozy and happy. But anyone else should love this one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Wow, I just started skimming to see what I got myself into and BAM. I’m in deep and not paying attention to things around me. This author has a way of grabbing your attention very inconspicuously and before you know it you’re in a dedicated relationship with his book. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


A new and refreshing take on an old subject! This is one writer that I will definitely want to read much more from! He has a great voice in his writing that really shines. The cover is what made me want to read it and I’m so glad I picked it up. Don’t miss this. If his goal was to get me to want to read more of his work then it accomplished what he intended. I can’t say enough that you want to read this! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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